That was my avatar last year. I feel ya! Good choice @danzo_rezno


I changed mine about 10pm so technically I’m in right guys… right :stuck_out_tongue:


Who was your first target choice?

You can’t change back once you picked! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah I meant I only just changed to the target just before it turned 8th haha


Ah, alright I see :sweat_smile: You’re good then, sir


Ehh. I mean ma’am lol



Yeah, I think I saw them posted in a thread when I first joined HMF so I went looking for them via google. They definitely evoke the dark brutality that the franchise has seemingly abandoned these days. Never found anything about who they may reference (if anyone) in the game. And it’s been tooooo long since I played BM to piece it together myself. Even the guesses above sound very unfamiliar to me.

Anyway, definitely very cool promos. Thanks for all the likes. I’m enjoying seeing and reading about everyone else’s choices as well. :+1:


Day 2:



That face! :joy:
I hope you have enough shots of Vinnie for the 46 remaining days lol.

Again, that was a great idea you had. Definitely keeps it interesting.


I hope this images could be real missions one day and not only promo


so why did you all pick your targets as your avatars?

i chose the guru because he was one of the best elusive targets to play. sure dropping the chandelier was a common way to kill him but there are also many other ways to take him out (unlike the food critic or the chameleon)

also he has a funny backstory. “Good evening, 47.
Your target is Richard J. Magee, a self-help guru infamous for abandoning his protégés as soon as their money runs out.” XD


I chose Guiseppe Guilliani, because i remember the first mission Anathema in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin which i enjoyed very much :blush:.


I chose 47 from absolution because,…well…it’s 47. And nobody makes 47 a target, not even the ICA, otherwise you’ll have hell to pay…:metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


I chose Claus because he’s my favourite target (bet you didn’t see that coming /s). Most because he’s funny, cold, and has a great route in-game (and no bodyguard)


I choosed Nne Obara because she is my favourite target right now. Love how ruthless she is.


@SnakeGun and I chose the Ex-Dictator and the Gold Digger because best couple Kappa


I chose Winston because he can be a very dangerous guy. Who carries a sawn-off shotgun with him when he goes to sleep? Yes, your boy Winston. The man also has 3 dogs. The only person in the series who owns more than one dog. :slight_smile: And he looks cool and funny in his pyjamas.


I chose Billy Jack, because there’s nothing more snazzy, than a Red Crow.


Yes, nice joke.



I’ve chosen Soders because he is heartful.