Are they even in Marrakesh? These are ways to kill Zaydan.


Oh its just Zaydan kills? Sorry. My bad. I must have missed that.


Day 5, Way 5 (Dance-Off Duck)

Extra Salsa

Pre-Show High-Jinks

Launch Night


Is this instead of the Shisha Sign :laughing:


Not necessarily; let’s see how it goes. :wink:


Orthodox classic (Pistol Elimination) for Day 6


Day 6:


Haha man I hope you’re gonna have enough photos for this lol

You should try to get one of him while he’s on the phone, after you “redial witness” from the van. Then catch him through the window :smile:


Challenge accepted.


Good luck “James”


Now 47 can poison his coffee instead of the remote


Day 7 - Sweet Chin Music


Day 7:


Haha the promo art Vinnie! :relieved::ok_hand:


You’re going to get the most likes every day for 47 days lmao


Nah. Check the “Users” page on the forum. I still don’t get the most likes even after doing this avatar thing. @AGENT4T7 is the popular one around here. Lol


Ok maybe the most “10” likes per day badge!!



Best one so far. It would be cool if you added Hitman logos on the shirt


When you’ve successfully created a bio weapon.