Day 18:


That face! :joy:

“Did I leave the oven on…?”


It looks like a meme reponse to some posts in the disguise thread.:joy:


When the guys who’re supposed to be protecting you, run you over…

Hitman BM, A New Life


I think you should attempt stage light electrocution, drowning in the consulate toilet, and killing him with a sabre while disguised as the prisoner, inside the consulate.


I don’t think anyone else than Strandberd can be killed with the stage light.


Not sure if the stage light electrocution is possible, as I think he needs to be leaning on the rails like Claus.

The problem with drowning is that, on a lot of these runs, Reza gets caught in permanent lockdown while clearing the map of armed NPCs. I think it may have something to do with the alarm; but that unbreakable loop has happened on pretty much every try where I’ve been packing a syringe. I’ll keep working on it.

This is the closest I’ve got for inside the consulate:


Today’s four were going to be a selection of gun hits, but…

Ways 37-38 Headmaster Gauntlet + Prisoner’s Revenge

Way 39 - Sabre Kills (Consulate, Prisoner)

Way 40 - Drowning (Consulate)


That’s why I suggested it.


Day 19:


“I’m here to pump…(clap)…YOU up”

(Don’t know how many will get the reference)


SNL reference?


Yup :yum::+1:


Damn, Vinnie! You won’t have to worry about misplacing those guns :laughing:


Those muscles won’t protect him from your [}-----{] huehuehuehue :wink:


Haha damn right! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sorry, Vinnie…


The most hardcore fiberwire kill in the history of hitman :smile:


Me personally, I’d like to think it’s this one.


When the Fiberwire is involved, it’s always hardcore!


Day 20: