Now THAT is a cool freakin’ picture dude!
You should make a T-Shirt using that lol with some line he says, or something :laughing:

“I don’t care about your stupid election, show me da’ football!”

“Yeah…? This is, ah… James…”


Trumpets, bugles; all types of brass fanfares

Merfcifully for all concerned, it’s the final day of the 47 way challenge!1!!!

Way 41 - Shuriken

Way 42 - Stove Kill

Way 43 - Combat Knife


Here’s the Camera Bomb and Moose Drop with no KO:

Plus 44-6

Fire Axe


Kick Accident


Eek @triple post. It’s annoying I couldn’t post these daily, but with work commitments in May there were no guarantees I’d be able to get it done (my bad @AGENT4T7). Anyway, last one incoming…

47 Ways (to Kill Zaydan)

I put 47 spices in your lamb, and it still tastes like ashes in my mouth

Kitchen Knife
Fibre Wire
Motorcycle Explosion
Dance-Off Launch
Pistol Elimination
Prisoner Kill
Lav Drop
Sign Drop
Propane (Stigmata)
Poison Injection
Snap Neck
Explosive phone carried by Claus
Gas Lamp
Push Accident
Burning Barrel
Do the Moose
Letter Opener
Press Accident
Poison (Consumed)
Well Drop
Remote Explosive
Battle Axe
Camera Bomb
Truck Explosion
Pale Duck
FE Daisy Chain
Tunz o’ Gunz
Shotgun as Prisoner
Sabre (Prisoner, Consulate)
Drowning (Consulate)
Stove Kill
Combat Knife
Fire Axe
Kick Accident

47 - Double Sniper Kill, SA


Congratulations :laughing:
I’m hoping to do something of my own for this on the last day but it may not happen due to problems with my potato.


Cheers! And thanks for adding some incentive to try different things. :wink:

And yeah, get rid of the current potato and do eeeeet. It’s a great experiment; I learned so much about the map from investigating all these ways.


Oh, not similar to yours, it’s a totally different thing that involves all the games hehe


Oops. :blush:

Why would the router or w/ever internet issues get in the way of you doing it?


I was referring to my potato laptop. I had to refresh it today meaning I lost all my progress for C47, Silent Assassin and Contracts.

Of course, C47 is easily retrievable using Kim Bo whatever the fuck but not SA and Contracts afaik.


Day 21:


"So you’re saying my TV has only 3 channels?"



Day 22:


“Uh oh. Wasn’t just a fart.”


Day 23:


“I think I left something upstairs.”


Ah, yeah I guess should’ve added that quote huh? Lol


It’s not too late :stuck_out_tongue:


When you hear your wife in the next room;
“The pool isn’t the only thing that needs serviced.”


Vinnie’s Desktop is magically connected to the monitor without any wires! And if I’m not mistaken the placement of the mouse makes Vinnie left-handed!?


We all know why the mouse is on the left. :smirk: