Day 27:


Vinnie see’s the light after years of hiding from the mob.


he always loved looking at brains…


Day 28:



Looks like he’s sitting for a portrait to display at his funeral. :joy:


Haha I think it looks like a high school yearbook photo of him :laughing:

Vinnie Sinistra


Haha. Even better. Took your idea and made it grey.


“I don’t care about the stupid graduation. Show me the football!!” :rofl:


TFW you have only 3 avatars left that you haven’t used and have another 19 days to go. :neutral_face:


Hahaha I thought you said you had it covered? :smirk:

Better pop in BM and get 19 more. There are many good ones you can get in that level of him. Try to get one of him getting ran over by the limo lol


Oh, I’ll have it covered. Don’t you worry. Like you said, i just gotta hop in blood money and get creative.

Yeah, I already have one for that atm, but I wanna do one better.


They don’t call you ‘Slugger’ for nothing lol I know you got it covered. :wink:


Hmm… I’m actually trying to think of some too, just at the top of my head…

(A few thoughts)

  • Try to get a screenshot at the very right moment as you shoot Vinnie in the head with the Bull.480
    (Bullet hole on forehead)

  • The face of him how he looks AFTER you fiberwire him on his sofa.

  • Something that involves the donuts? And Vinnie…
    Maybe place or drop them near the tray where he sits.

  • drag his body to the diving board at the pool?

  • get a shot of 47’s hand over Vinnies mouth, just as you about to put him in “human shield”

Just a few ideas… I’m sure you’ll think of even more :smiley:


Day 29:

Another shocked Vinnie.


Day 30:


“Don’t come closer. I planted a mine here.”


Okay, you can have the barbecue stove!..


Day 31: