Hey look, it’s my brother :smiley:


Hmm actually the connection between Boris and Sergei makes me wonder, why didn’t Orth-Meyer order a hit on Sergei when he did Fabian? That is assuming the Bjarkhov Bomb takes place during C47, which I’m almost certain it does.

Orth-Meyer seemed to be going after not only the other 5 fathers but also people related to them. Did Orth-Meyer just not know about Sergei? He’s not exactly a low profile person.

Edit: To avoid triple posting like a freak I’ll just leave this as an edit:

You’ve been noticed by senpai, Agent4T7


I trully enjoyed sniping this target. My favorite mission of the Hitman series.


Agent 17 counts, right?


Nice to see them showing an interest in the thread and sharing it :smiley:.


Hello big brother, I believe answer is simple. блять Orth-Meyer was scared of me, that is obvious. No one can get to me in Mother Russia. I made mistake going to Sicily.

You were a disappointment 17. I trusted you to take care of that сука 47.


Dammit, this post made me realize I shouldn’t have picked a character with no lines!


Was that tainted sushi I ate?


May as well join in the fun! :grinning:


Eh… Why not I guess.


“You don’t want to kill me 47, I’m just like you.”


Well since we are Quoting:


Even though I wasn’t a member, I was following the forum. When I saw this I wanted to be a part of it! :grin: It’s hard to choose one of these targets but I think he is one of my favs. I can hear his voice in my mind. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” :smile:


“My gun!! Where’d it go?! Oh…”


Welcome to the show my friend.


Thank you very much. :blush:


Can’t wait to kill all these targets again as I play through all the old games. I purchased an xbox360 especially for old hitman games totally worth it. Shame I don’t have C47 but I would probably find it too outdated to play now anyway.


I still play the old games. That’s the only reason i still hold onto my PS3


For the avatars. Putting them all in one place is awesome.


I forgot to change mine last night and have worked all day. Well now I changed it. I couldn’t choose any target from the old games, too many to choose from.