I’m ready to take this bastard down!


I’m feeling a bit racist today. And I’ve got a briefcase to deliver to a Sheikh.


The merchandise will be inspected before payment is delivered. It is merely Prudence, of course you understand? :wink:

And hey!.. Where the hell is Mark ll??

I want my diamonds!!!
I gotta briefcase to collect…


Yup he counts… He was a target, after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes!!! Add some atmosphere and grit to the forum haha.

Now where’s my chicken? Mmm, lovely birrrrd.


Dinner’s served :sushi: Cough Cough :fearful:


"Bring me the food…NOW!!


meat hook to face


Keep your sushi for yourself. I only want chicken. And also two lovely bondage girrrrls along with my lovely birrrrd.


In the bathroom stall

“Hm, I might have to use this silenced pistol if things go bad. Time to head to the elevator and get ready for the transaction.”

Steps in elevator and is strangled

God, I’d love if that kill made it’s return into the new game.


I am stuck between Mr. 17 or Hendrik Schmutz




And where are my damn fish rolls?


Peking duck rolls actually… Airlifted in from Lestrade’s in London… yada yada…


"Yeah, this is…uh…James, hello?..hello?..Who this?..hello?


:joy: another reason I love Vinnie! Lol he’s so damn paranoid… But then again, I guess I would be too if I were in the witness protection program :hushed:


Guys check this out​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Already saw it. Tried to replicate the body pile and the game crashed.


Weird. Hitman hardly crashes. /s


Well I did this too in the past, and while the game didn’t crash, it did however start to become VERY glitchy… But then again, maybe I didn’t pile up enough bodies, in order for it to crash…but it did get to the point where I would drag a body and 47 would end up not dragging the body, but rather dragging “air” :laughing:


"Ready to take him out!"
Picks up Kazo TRG