Not a fan of Snapchat, and now these glasses have come along!


Have you guys heard of Snapchat Spectacles? Latest trend sweeping the nation apparently (after fidget spinners I guess). They are $130 and look kinda stupid but record 10-second videos from your POV and upload them directly to your Snapchat Stories.

Cool? Meh.

I don’t get them at all, but then again, maybe they aren’t for me.

Think they’ll disappear quicker than they appeared?


I live in the UK, and the only place I’ve seen them is in CEX, which is essentially a 2nd hand electronics store. I’ve seen some in the window for around £80. Most likely a fad


Perfect for my perverted voyeurism.:eyeglasses:

I think this and many versions like it are here to stay.

“Oh, dropped my glasses sorry.”

“I found these glasses I will just leave them here I am sure the owner will find them”

ugh… the male gaze is gonna be so real


I don’t know how much they have taken off with the young crowd, but I bet a lot of people won’t be happy with being filmed covertly :confused: This page has a good summary of what they are all about :smile: I think this boat has set sail for me, but maybe some youngins will dig them.