October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


Congratulations to @JDMHatch_G on becoming this month’s player featured contract curator! Make sure to spam with all your good contracts! (joke, please don’t spam him)

And here is the official pre-release image of the “exciting announcement” mentioned in August’s content schedule!

Make sure to mark this day on your calendar, as we may have some eye-popping content coming our way!

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Pre-Release Information

The October content schedule will be released in the first week of October (duh). IOI did happen to mention that soon they’ll release the exciting announcements mentioned in August’s content schedule.

Pre-release information on the October content schedule and exciting announcements.

The “exciting announcements” mentioned in the August Content Schedule.

@Nick_IO also tweeted that IO Interactive finished up four hours of voice recordings; possibly for Season 2? It most likely will because there’s enough dialogue in the current game right now and I couldn’t possibly think what part of the game needs more voice recordings.

Also, good luck on those treats Nick.

The October content schedule has been confirmed to be released either today or tomorrow, as stated in the following tweet from IO Interactive:

IOI responds to a tweet by a fan and states the 2 possible release dates for the Oct. Schedule. Credit to @Jamy47 for the screenshot.

EDIT: It’s been confirmed that the schedule releases tomorrow. Get ready guys!


Nice info recap. I have a good feeling about October. Specially since it marks the 1 year anniversary of the last episode release.


I fixed a few errors here and there in the original post. Turns out the first image was from the September Content Schedule and the second image was from the August Content Schedule.

Thanks for correcting me in discord @CreativeSpoon71.


Got about a 740 MB update downloading right now, was wondering if there’s something special?


No gameplay changes, unfortunately.


Content schedule is coming today right?


New voice recordings sounds good. Looks like this month’s announcement could be really exciting.

Sure it could also mean that they just recorded a bunch of NPC reactions to a new unlockable the suit. Very unlikely since it voice actors cost money and the suit would probably for free, but you never know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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4 hours sounds more like ET-size thingies. But doesn’t need to stop at that, maybe more sessions will follow.


They just removed square enix from bootflow (i think it’s called bootflow) and store page.


Was it said somewhere?




Oh, ok… so we’re waiting. :smile:


There will be no more ETs during season 1. It could be other games though.


I hope not


Thanks for informing us the October schedule will be released in October :+1:


Np, best I could do.


Hope there are 4 hours of NPCs reactions.

Can’t stand same voices for 427 differents NPCs “Waaaaaaaait a minute”, “Possible intruder, sweeping area”


Oh I can’t wait for 4 hours more of new lines from Roccos sister!


‘Season 2, get down here, in this minute, you can’t be late on your first day’.