October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


Oh wait, Ubisoft’s logo “starts” from the lower left.

Jesus, don’t scare me like that, IO.

Health boost/heal item (coffee), banana bomb/s, and box of emetic cookies unlocks confirmed.



47 is heading… to… ANCIENT EGYPT!

Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN! :laughing:


Starting to think it’s more likely that it’ll be an extended cutscene, maybe about the length of a short film. Have they confirmed any game update for the rest of 2017?


47 has a son that is actually Avatar the Last air bender!


So,no season 2.This new content will be a bonus mission?Or a part of the story?


the mission is ON a plane!! :o


It would be a waste of an unlock slot.

What’s the point in retroactively adding a briefcase into a game that was designed to be played without it? You can already easily get the sniper rifle to where you need to get it. Therefore, it would be the most pointless unlock in the game.


ubisoft doesn’t use that logo anymore


Well I get that the “New Content Reveal” is the most intriguing part of the schedule but I havent seen a single post yet on speculation in regards to the item unlock for the challenge pack. Surprising. Will it be a controversial hammer 2.0? A blue/purple plastic pitchfork to match our guns? A lighter? Ruby red shoes that allow 47 to exit the map after clicking the heels together 3 times?


Isn’t it obvious? The unlock for the scarecrow challange will be a crowbar.


I hope it’s a pitchfork with some new animations.


I CAWn’t believe I didn’t think of that.


Crow Bar




I just realised that October 24 is the day I come back from my trip. WOO!! NEW CONTENT AS SOON AS I GET BACK FROM MY TRIP.

Oh and off topic, I got a new wireless keyboard and mouse so I don’t have to use a… a… eww, a wired setup.


Ehm. The date is for a reveal. I wouldn’t think its the time for the actual content.


Oh yeah true.

pls ioi


Announcing the date of an announcement is a really stupid thing to do in the first place, and something everyone should just stop doing. So your confusion is very understandable @Opal_Hitman.


IOI on 24th Oct - “Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the stream/telecast. Today we are going to announce about the announcement we made in first week of October related to today’s announcement. We are very excited as you are to announce the announcement. Fom today onwards we are rebranding our logo in line with the announcement we made about today’s announcement.
Insert Image - Fiery Spiral.jpeg"
Chat goes crazy - " Tf? Where is season 2?”
“Release season 2 already.”
"Atleast release first episode."
IOI - “We will publish info about Season 2, when the time comes. Till then, enjoy the logo.”