October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


@JDMHatch_G, I’m curious, how much advance notice did you get that they wanted you to be a curator? I assume they touch base with you ahead of time to make sure you’re up for it. Just curious.

And big congrats btw. Very happy for you.


Thank you very much. I’m not sure if I should say exactly when I was asked, but I can tell you that it was ‘ahead of time’ to make sure I was up for it :sunglasses:


Never even clicked on regarding this, hope its not thought but now you said it I cant see it being anything else.


I legit lolled.




A regular day at the office during a new item unveiling.


Welp, if people thought the hammer was bad…


On the other hand, if we get all nice things now already, which unlocks could be interesting in S2?

But well even now we have many things we can wish for.


for what it’s worth, there’s a metric ton of things they have worked on internally that are really useful and i suspect we’ll see many of them popping up in season 2


The more I can ram into my inventory before S2 the better, I’m a born collector!




@Travis_IOI stop doing this. You know what I mean.


Part of me is getting worried that the exciting announcement may actually be the reveal of the comic book cover. :sweat_smile:


Everyone knows by now that it’s about comic book. That link got deleted.


If that’s the case, I’m blocking @Travis_IOI on my twitter.
He won’t troll me no more.


Hopefully the sniper case, weapon customization, or even being able to see the fiber wire during the kill will be part of the content


No it isnt, its new content for the game. Travis even said:

That’s the date when we will reveal brand new content for the game.

The new comic book comes out on the 11th of October, as quoted here:

The new series, entitled in Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman, is set to launch October 11, 2017


the fact that he changed his twitter avatar to that image means it’s something significant… or not, i dunno lol… he’s too unpredictable lol… my money is still on a contract pack like sarajevo 6, but who knows at this point…


I think is a Haloween bonus episode. Rembember after Holiday Hoaders when they sent a survey asking if we’d like to see another one of those?
I think this is them doing that. Probably Colorado


Yeah, my money (or rather my 3x Coin) is also on Halloween Colorado level.