October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


r we expecting the content schedule today or something? i thought those come monday. is this not first “full” week?


The Schedule always comes out on a Tuesday, always has done


Travis keeps teasing us


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Surely schedule will be dropped today?


I’ve been checking IOI’s website frequently today; nothing there yet.


Probably thursday


Bahhh I was hoping for it to land before the weekend so I could get stuck in


what was the “focus on Contracts Mode”? new selected contracts? I was hoping for a revamp on that mode.


Player curated featured contracts were the big focus when it came to contracts mode in August and September.




Four hours of VO recording is practically nothing. Definitely makes me wonder what they’re up to.


Four Hours of runtime = 60 minutes times 4 = 240 minutes.
Basically two full length hollywood blockbusters worth of spoken voice audio (without music or gaps in between).

I think that’s a lot more than just “practically nothing”.

Can someone figure out the total runtime on all cinematics of Season 1 put together? I think it was definitely less than 100 minutes total, though I expect a 240 minute total to include in-mission unique dialogue.


An important distinction would be whether that was four hours spent recording the dialogue, or four hours of dialogue recorded. It can take quite a while to get through a fairly small number of lines if they’re doing different takes to try and find the perfect version, or if it’s physical work where there’s a lot of hard grunts, etc. Factoring in stuff like the actor and director going over the script between reads and maybe listening to playback as they go and 4 hours of recording time might not translate into all that much in terms of usable dialogue.


A four hour session does not mean four hours of actual recordings. I run sessions like this often as an audio engineer. Four hours is a pretty short session that doesn’t necessarily yield much content. If you think anyone is recording four hours of material in four hours, or even two hours of material in four hours, I have some insurance to sell you.


You also seem to be assuming all the actors are there for a single session or something? Recording sessions for a game take place over a period of time in a number of studios to accommodate schedules.