October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


The voice actor for Jordan Cross is at my house right now. I’ll ask him later tonight how long he spent on just his lines alone.



  1. It is useless to tell us how long they spent at the recording booth. Nobody does that. The odds are that the term “four hours of VO Recordings” is meant to indicate running time of recordings. Note that in some sessions each line may be spoken multiple ways (Say “I need to use the bathrom” 3 times 3 different ways). So in that sense you can also rack up many hours of footage that “say very little”. Just putting that out there.

  2. The goal is normally to do all Voice Acting in ONE session. That is ideal. Because voice actors have their own schedules and you’re paying them in addition to the recording studio. The ideal would be one whole day session to get all your voice audio.


Sorry, but no. He said “Aaaahh, four hours of voice recordings today.” That most likely means a four-hour recording session.


Fine… but if they record 20 actors in different booths in those 4 hours… huh? How about that? :stuck_out_tongue:

J/K… We’ll find out… when we find out. :slight_smile:


Voice actor of Jordan Cross?


And Lucio on Overwatch. :wink:



I edited the original post to feature the image (with credit to you of course).


Top man :+1:t2:



I hope it releases today. They are building up hype, and I want to know where it’s for.


For the reward, I hope we get a clown outfit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope we get an S2 update!


I hope not. Another famous disguise ruined under the unlock system. I’m a professional assassin, not a birthday clown people can hire for their lame parties. The corky the clown disguise as an easter egg in a season 2 level is more than enough.


I don’t know, I thought Santa was a funny disguise. Imagine if the frontal attack on normal NPCs was hitting them in the face with a red balloon. Huhuheuheuhe.

EDIT: Oh man, 3 people typing dat’s cool


Glad our opinions are different from each other, cause I hated the santa disguise. It should only be available in Holiday Hoarders, because running around in sunny Sapienza as a Santa is ridiculous and silly. It is a christmas disguise, and walking around in that suit doesn’t make 47 the professional killer he actually is.


Made a quick video with Jonny/Jordan Cross tonight for you guys and asked him about how long his recording sessions were. I stand by my previous posts. :smile:


Games are about having fun, you know? And fun comes in different packages for everyone - some roleplay, some do silly stuff, some speedrun.

Despite rarely using Santa outfit - I’m happy that IO give players a chance to get goofy if they want to. I really loved the ability to lay down on Sapienza beach in Santa outfit or to assassinate Jordan Cross (ho-ho-ho, what a naughty boy) in the same disguise.

If it comes to Corky the Clown - why not. I’d welcome it both ways - as an easter egg or an actual outfit.


That is actually the reason it was put in the game. :wink:


I am pretty sure Bateson did Absolution in a handful of 4 hour sessions - And in that case he was basically doing ADR because he had to match up to pre-recorded cutscenes. 4 hours can be very produtive if everyone is prepared!


Sounds like someone doesn’t know how hitman works. So if you’re a clown, you can’t be dressed up to infiltrate a birthday party to kill your target? :roll_eyes:

You don’t sound like a good hitman to me as 47 does what it takes to get the job done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: