October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


Will it be in the same thread that shares with all the threads you’ve made this week?

Kappa. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s currently 11:23 so… 7 hours later.




I don’t mind a few silly starting outfits. The majority of the suits are still appropriate outfits and it’s not like it ruins my gaming experience if other players run around in Marrakesh dressed like Santa or a hospital patient.


IO is danish, it’s clearly the friday date.


In reference to @AlexNiedt

IOI should have a roundtable video featuring all the voice actors for targets from Season 1… and they talk about their characters. Would be awesome.

Having the Elusives would be nice too, but at 26 characters they’d fill a bus.


Nah. Olivia Hall and Inez Ekwensi share the same voice actors. The same with Anthony L. Troutt - Richard J. Magee and Nila Torvik - Etta Davis.


OK. But that’s still good. Frank Welker can talk about Scooby Doo and Megatron. So it’s OK.

Special request would be the guy who plays Rocco McVeigh and what he thinks about his character’s unexpected fame. lol.


There must be a reason for Travis teasing us so hard… don’t you think?


Didn’t anyone listen to me?!? @Travis_IOI is getting married! That is the “big announcement”! :stuck_out_tongue:


Release incoming tomorrow :100:



Get your free tickets here


Getting ready for the big announcement that a reskinned crystal ball is the final unlock of the game.


Every month, you always BUY the FREE tickets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, but that ball will be very fundamental for the gameplay, undetectable, indestructible and will save you 0.00002 seconds for a speedrun :wink:
This is the ultimate crystal ball every Hitman fan wanted and if you find it stupid then you are not a Hitman fan.

@immadummee47 I got lots more left from the other months, what am I saying, the whole year and now I’m selling them.


If nothing else. IO is immensely talented at false hyping.


You mean people of this forum are immensely talented at false hyping themselves?


yes cus them teasing “truly exciting news” for 3 months is totally the fans doing.
u delusional fanboy


I expect nothing but I am a delusional fanboy. Interesting.

Because expecting S2 or a suitcase in each monthly update is what a rational person and totally not a fanboy would expect from devs,


I don’t remember Travis teasing us so hard since Landslide!