October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


Ya cuz ppl assuming it’s the briefcase, dual silverballers, human shield and more is I-OI’s doing.

Who’s delusional? I can’t remember. :thinking:


“episode 6 will have items something the fans have wanted for a long time”

and ur gonna blame the fans for thinking its something ppl have wanted for a long time …


what did we get for ep6? I can’t remember.

Edit: w300 Sniper. That’s one. And was true. Lots of ppl asked for this and so where’s the “lie”?


We wanted a sniper that had both zoom and silencer for a long time… We got it in ep 6


I think many fans wanted this:

but many fans would have the briefcase as well, but IO-I gave us one of two desired unlocks, so in the end it’s our own fault that we had high hopes and was disappointed when the briefcase wasn’t the unlock.


And don’t forget “the big one”. Oh that MUST mean the briefcase. lol. No. It literally was called the big one. Lmao.


Pretty sure that the briefcase would have been called “briefcase” lol


well that i cant argue with. i cant believe ppl thought that was briefcase lmao

and ur right the fans do have selves to blame as well. but lets be real IO has had some serious letdowns in their hype method as well


I’m still crossing my fingers that they patch in a Blackballer silenced pistol and make it available to all players except @badeaguard. For the lulz.


Well 6.10 in America is June 10th so… we’re screwed.


Great video, it’s weird seeing the face behind the character.


Me 5min ago after login:
“Oh wow 35 unread posts in this thread! The content schedule must have been droped!”

Me now:
“Oh look, this discussion again.”


@Serious_Pony, here is your answer.


Content schedule is for tomorrow. Do not forget, repeat in your head: “Featured Contracts, Escalation, Challenges Pack” and not “Season 2, Briefcase, customizable weapons, replayable elusive targets”


“Featured Contracts, Escalation, Challenges Pack” :no_good_woman:
“Featured Contracts, Escalation, Challenges Pack” :no_good_man:
“Featured Contracts, Escalation, Challenges Pack” :no_good_woman:

Good, you learn quickly :slight_smile:
Next lesson planned for november.


It might be bad to fall for the hype each time.

But damn it tastes so sweet!

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!


Maybe we finally get a bag of air as an unlock.


I’m hoping for custom barcode skins. Maybe we could have a plaster like in Absolution! That would really add to my immersion and stuff /s


I bet we get new costume unlocks for Diana.


Now I’m hyped for escalations. It’s been a few months.


this is still quite a lot of teasing just for a monthly update. must at least be something more exciting than usual. how much more is the question