October Content Schedule + Possible S2 Information


I dont think so. Its 04:08 in Denmark


I’d rather be able to smell Dalia Margolis. I bet she wears great perfume.


I’m glad you included

Cuz at first I was like, eeewwwwww.
Then I was like, oh, ok.


This is a really detailed fake I made while we’re all waiting for the “exciting announcements” and official October Content Schedule.


Player curators: @Kotti, @cjgarof

Briefcase concept inspired by @CHAOS_AGENT_45 and his Colorado sniper contracts

The Motorcycle Interception is a fan made escalation contract created by @Bending_Cheese67


I thought you said you’re busy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Can you count the votes again? I’d like a recount. @Fortheseven probably bribed a few ppl.


This is the Oct. Content Schedule thread

Did you mean to say that in the HMF awards thread?


Yes. That thread.




You asshole, I thought it actually came out :joy::joy:


Way too overpowered tbh


Wait a minute… is this a prank? IOI are you fucking with me? aaaaaaa

Edit: nvm fuck you


I actually thought it was real :frowning:


Looked at that and the first thing I saw was the part about CJ curating contracts, and immediately thought that was too unbelievably good to be true. Then I saw the briefcase thing and knew it for sure, haha.


Go find Rocco’s sister and have an interview with her, you bald god



That would be the most overpowered weapon in the history of hitman. I can’t think of any targets that wouldn’t become absolutly trivial to kill with such a weapon. I could see the tranquillizer working, but the other too would be just too op


I don’t want to get too caught up in the hype, but I feel like it must be some big announcment today. They wouldn’t hype it up that much and then make it just a bunch of escalations. (I think…)


Ok, Travis was never teasing content schedule like that, was he?


LOL! Anyone know her name?


I think something about Kane & Lynch will appear today, beside hitman content schedule