Official Death Thread


Sir Terry Pratchett has unfortunately passed away. Terrible shame. Perhaps he will see a familiar anthropomorphic personification to greet him on this next journey.



Remember, he never can remember how the knight moves.

RIP Terry.


Composer James Horner died in a plane crash yesterday in Santa Barbara. Only 61 years old. I really loved a lot of his soundtracks. RIP


RIP James Horner, that is way too young.


On 7 June 2015, mortality was conclusively proven to exist, as Christopher Lee left us at the age of 93.

Christopher Lee was a Commander of the Venerable Order of Saint John, a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, a Knight Bachelor and a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters. He fought in two wars, spoke five languages fluently and three more pretty well, and was allowed to use the crest of the Holy Roman Empire for being a descendant of Charlemange. So if it wasn’t clear from all this, he was an actor, and while there were a few actors who fought both communists and nazis, Lee did it in real life, volunteering in the Finnish Winter War against Soviet Union, and subsequently when the nazi regime advanced in Europe, he shipped there as a commando.

Christopher Lee was also a capable fencer, even if an intoxicated Errol Flynn was able to nick him once. He belonged to a number of stunt guilds, and naturally did not use a stunt double. Under that manly chest of his he had a powerful set of pipes, which he utilized in singing as well as acting, recording and performing since (at least) the 1980s. In 2013 he released a progressive metal album about the life of Charlemagne, and his latest recording came out as late as at the end of last year.

He has acted since the late 40s, and to pick just a few roles, he has been Sherlock Holmes, Holmes’ brother, Rasputin, Rochefort, Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man, Scaramanga, Willy Wonka, Darth Tyranus, Lucifer, Saruman, Dracula and Death.


January hasn’t been a good month. First David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, and Glenn Frey. Now iconic actor Abe Vigoda, famous for his role as Salvatore “Sal” Tessio in The Godfather.

“Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times’ sake?”


2016 have been a cruel year for famous people.


And let’s not forget Lemmy, who died at the tail end of last year. RIP. \m/


RIP Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird.


In memoriam of Ronnie Corbett, who died yesterday, one of the funniest sketches in British TV history.


Three men taken way to soon❤️


RIP Doris Roberts, known for playing the overbearing mother-in-law on Everybody Loves Raymond.


Omg Doris is gone now too? :frowning: i had no idea… So tragic… She was so full of life at 90 years old!!!


Sad to hear about Doris :disappointed: I really liked her on Everybody Loves Raymond. Her and “Frank” made the show. I also liked the movies
"Grandma’s Boy" and "Play The Game"
Her roles were always so funny.

RIP Doris…


Grandma’s boy is one of my favorite movies!! :frowning:


No fucking WAAAAAAAAY. Prince just died.


Only 57… Don’t know how I will tell my mom, who loves Prince.


Watched everyone loves Raymond briefly good actress, never been a fan of prince not my cup of tea but both sad losses.


Man, this is one bleak year, and it’s not even halfway through yet


Wtf man. Everyone from my childhood is dying. First Bowie now Prince.