Old feature, its time for a comeback


Hey everyone! One of my favorite features in hitman blood money was the newspaper articles after each mission which were great. I’d love to see this return in an exciting new way for season 2. What do ya say io? :smiley:


I liked this feature, but I just hope this doesn’t mean notoriety is coming back. I hated notoriety personally because if I felt like messing around and killing everyone, I’d have to bribe people with money so I can just play normally again. And if I’m speedrunning and fail at a point and decide not to restart and just finish it, I’ll have to once again bribe people.

But yes, I did like the newspaper feature. However, I feel this should only return for story-based games like Blood Money. Cutscenes after missions are perfect for Hitman 6 because it doesn’t really do a good job of connecting story to games like Blood Money and Contracts.


The newspapers never had anything to do with notoriety.


Where I’m more looking forward to is proper loading screens. Okay IO you tried to make it like blood money, showing a picture of our target, but what you did now is sloppy. I mean, look how it is now:

If you want it to look at least a little more interesting, make it like this:

Ontopic: newspapers would be really cool. Not only to see your rating and a picture of your killed target, but also read the investigation results and police reports :slight_smile:


I would rather have target info than a picture of them posing, personally :confused:


You have a full screen of intel before the mission starts, don’t know why you need more in the loading screen


I am sorry, but I gotta say I never realliy liked the newspapers. Not only were they fairly sloppily executed with most of the stuff dealing in how you performed the hit reading the same between different missions, but in something that is a visual and interactive medium, plain text is a BS way of communicating story (which was the other aspect of the papers).


I’m a bit thick :frowning:


The newspapers indicated that a killer was on the loose, and that (along with NPCs ingame seeing you) is how you gain notoriety.


That’s why you click “Cancel” instead of “Save” after the mission so the notoriety stats aren’t saved, assuming you’ve finished the game.


if they bring back news then they should really stick to online news articles to modernize this concept, because nobody reads physical newspapers anymore.


I agree plain text is boring that’s why a modernized idea would be awesome, friends and I were talking about maybe social media platforms instead of the paper, police reports and eye witness accounts might make for something interesting. Todays platforms can do a hell of a lot more then the ps2 could, so randomly generating this stuff can be done a lot better then they use to, and in more exciting ways, io are innovative so they could have better ideas to make this work :slight_smile: would be nice to see what they think


47 does, on a bench in sapienza :wink:


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its been a while but i did this loadscreen concept thing a while ago, might as well show again because whatever


The very reason why it is like that now, is because of inclusion of contracts mode. You can have this kind of picture for story targets. But what about contracts targets? Elusive targets? What about escalations? A lot of unnecessary work.
Also its is because of new briefing screen. In Blood Money there were a wall of text in briefing. Job list also was in text. In Hitman 2016 all you see is who you need to kill, how, and what your additional jobs are in those little boxes. What i mean is that Blood Money briefing screen (with target screen upon loading) was clunky, but reading wall of text also has its benefits, like atmosphere.


Pushing people form all sides would be nice


I would like to have the nickname feature. Like in blood money, how you do with your action at certain degree will giving you certain nickname, such as terrorist, psychopath, or madman.


Even if it was a great thing in Blood Money, i don’t think that feature would fit in the new Hitman :confused:

I’m seeing something more subtle, maybe a quick news video between missions or a message saying that you were spotted/you are wanted/etc…


For the newspaper to return, the game would need to start tracking things like shots fired, witnesses, etc. For there to be any detail in specifics, it would need the entire Blood Money rating system. Which I’m all for, it basically says the same thing as 2016’s system except it gives you more.