Opinions On Vogt?


I just wanted to make a thread to find out what all of your opinions on Vogt’s writing style. Do you think the Hitman as it is has a good, Hitman-like, story, or do you think it has become too much like Bond? Interested to hear your opinions.


Worst Writer Than All of the previous ones. Yes even absolution.
He killed off almost everything that made 47 as a self standing Character. Made him into a full puppet bond like spy hero with diana as his mommy.
Everything that made the Hitman series unique is killed off by Michel Vogt. Even in the Videos (Talking Hitman Series) Everyone else was making some sense and he kept talking about how Bond like this is.
They didnt even do proper background Study of the story, and made major mistakes in the original lore.





So, are you saying that you did not enjoy the game?


I actually liked this game’s story :wink:


This does not mean i did not enjoy the game. It only means I did not enjoy the story. Gameplay is far better than previous titles. But environment/Atmosphere, Vibe was switched to a Bond movie. I am completely ok with one or two such levels, They have always been there in previous games. Somewhat elements of spy/bond feel but for like two or three missions per game tops. Not the whole damm thing.


Actually Bond has more background story than HITMAN. And this is good. A sandbox game should have little to no background story so you dont have the feeling the way you decided to play is not fitting 47. Now anything goes. I also like that there is about to come some background info for 47, seen in “Partners then?”. Yet it will be just a side note, not able to ruin the sandbox character (I hope).


I agree that there is a lot of espionage, but the whole “Silent Assassin” bit kinda screams espionage.The creative kills, people seeing 47 but never noticing him, that reeks of spy despite his being an assassin.

A good assassin would have to be a bit of a spy.


The story is actually not bad, but the vibe is so terrible for a Hitman game, it makes me puke. The gameplay is okay, nothing to say about that. But the vibe man I just can’t. The music is cringy and the dialoge is goofy. Cutscenes are very well done and the story is interesting, but it’s just the bond vibe that ruins this Hitman game.


It never Ruins the story if you know how to successfully integrate it. But i am not asking, too much. I am asking if only they:

  1. Did their homework/research well into the already built lore.
  2. Kept the Character of 47 intact and his influence and power to leave its mark (Like always).
  3. Consider Game’s Previous Events properly and Showed that ICA, 47 and Diana learnt something from their past experiences with other targets/agencies.
  4. Kept the unique design that made Hitman Series different from other million regular bond/spy movie/game rippoffs.



I think each level has its own atmosphere. Therefore, we should really have a dark mission, like in H Contracts in general (I mean, we are talking about murder here) : no humor, few light, lot of blood & crazy characters. A level of this magnitude could totally be all the rage, the marketing could do the job and we would leave that “Bond feeling” (charismatic character, lot of humor, a lot at stake, casual).

Concerning the story, we are condemned to be frustrated. Indeed, we barely know the plot, this is only Season 1. Personnally, I’m shocked by the gap of tone between the cutscenes & the main missions. I think Vogt leads us toward the roots of 47 but forgets all of the previous games (Victoria, The Franchise, Travis at the ICA, etc).


I dont want to judge. But i assume many here are new to the series and may not have played previous hitman games. Or even if they did, they did not pay too much attention to details.
The series had very well written in depth lore. At least up until first 4 games. And some of us have been with the series well over a decade.

For people who are unaware of the lore i would suggest go through this blog:
It comprehensively covers the storyline and lore of all hitman titles. It is very well written:
Try it out:


The thing is that this is not a sequel, this is a remake. That is why it is just called HITMAN

(even though none of the other games had just that title)


If that was the case they would have mentioned it. But they were persistent in all of their interviews that this is not a remake whenever interviewers asked that question. Even specifically said that all of the events of Absolution are canon.


I have heard music from the old games. It is great, but I still prefer this. The old music feels more classical and this music feels more modern. With the exception of Bangkok which reuses the Paris theme, I feel that every piece fits the level it is on. Bangkok should have had more tracks from The Class.


Then that is my misunderstanding because I thought they said it was.


Heresy! Boys, get the pitchforks!


Go get your pitchforks, I got my HWK 21 Covert


Have you played the first game? It wasn’t very classical. I don’t remember Contracts having much of a classical soundtrack, either.