Opinions On Vogt?


Did not mean classical like opera stuff.
I meant like the type of music older movies have vs that of today.


My biggest beef is the abundance of humour in the game. It’s nonexistent in the cutscenes, but dripping and oozing from every orifice in the actual missions. It’s jarring and gets very old to have every NPC cracking the same type of jokes. Of course, it doesn’t help to have the same voice actors for every generic NPC. I’d be able to tolerate the Bond story/feel if the humour was lessened.


Personally, I need the humor. This is just me, but as I try to make videos, I find myself repeating the same things over and over some times 10x or more because of how little thing s like head turns work. The stupid jokes keep me from ripping my own head off.


I’d love to hear you actually make a case for this extreme claim.

Absolution’s story is an irredeemable dumpster fire.


Absolution story was pure shit, but the vibe was way better than this Hitman. + Absolution had that gore I’m still waiting for in the 2016 game.


The story itself I don’t mind, it’s somehow intriguing, the vibe/tone I got used to, still I would love to have Contracts again, but I can roll with HITMAN’s atmosphere. What I really don’t like is 47 being just a puppet, as mentioned above. I see no personality im him, he has no focus in this storyline, we could be playing as Willy Wonka and the game would feel the same.

And the story being worse than Absolution’s? Kruger did you even play that game? :v it was crazy stupid and cringy.


How is the “vibe” better in a game that has BDSM fetish nuns?


Before I start, Hitman 2016 is a perfect game. Nothing against it, so it’s not that absolution is better than this one.

The game has evil targets, gore and sometimes a few gritty levels. In my opinion, like you say, are some BDSM fetish murder nuns way darker than a wannabe rockstar. Story of absolution is shit, but the way they bring us things makes it feel way more dark than the one we have now. Blow up scientist in a bomb simulator, electrocute a sink, put fugu in coke and let the target sniff it, put a target brutally on fire by his own sigarette in front of exploding fireworks. Now I know in 2016 you can crush a target by a ram, push them in a slurry pit or smother them with a pillow, but the thing is, you have to do for yourself and compare, how dark and brutal does it look? Yes I like some mature content in a game like hitman, so this is just my opinion. But still. Absolution shows more of how cold 47 can be in the way of killing targets than the current game. Maybe it also has to do with his face impression.


^ This! ^

I don’t want to be told exactly who I am and what I think. I work for an agency and I am a professional assassin. That is all I really need to know. It’s a difficult task trying to maintain a fine balance between enjoyable/challenging game play and role playing elements. I honestly feel the developers and writers have got it spot on. You can play this game by approaching it as nothing more than a puzzle stealth game, or you can enjoy all those elements whilst immersing yourself in the role of a professional hitman to whatever depth you choose.


Putting a guy in a composter
Impaling a guy like Ming the Merciless
Shredding a guy in a killer robot
Making people blow themselves up
Staring a woman in the eye as she dies in a sauna
Dropping a stalactite on a woman
Dropping a stuffed moose on a man
Dropping a light show on a guy
Shooting a guy in the eye through a telescope
Immolating 2 men having a conversation
Obliterating a group with a .50 cal cannon
Obliterating two people with cannon balls
Chopping people in the head with a meat cleaver
Electrocuting a rock star
Killing him the same way he killed his girlfriend (off a balcony)
Turning a guy’s OCD into manic paranoia and then drowning him
Turning a guy’s smoking habit into a fatal lawnmower accident
Turning a traitor into a pin cushion via medical robot
Having said medical robot go full vampire on him

47 isn’t COLD AS ICE in this game?
There is no gore? Really?


Pretty much every Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause, The Witcher III and a bunch of other games just called:


Ok maybe that is an over statement. Absolution’s story is as equally shit as Hitman 2016.

But let us consider this:
The story of absolution was indeed cringy, illogical but yet recoverable to a point.
Things that happened:

  1. A division of ICA got after 47 and he dealt with it.
  2. Diana Saved a Girl and 47 helped her out as a favor.
  3. That Rich hillbilly got involved in the power struggle
    4. Local Police Got involved and “the myth” wasnt the myth anymore cuz of the notoriety.
  4. All of this happned in USA and no proper contracts happened.

All of these things although damage the general lore/story of the series yet they are recoverable because they didnt toy around with the core elements.
(Except the Bold part, They toyed around with core elements at point no. 4)
We can ignore this as a one time event that happened in the overall story of 47.
Now what is the problem when compared to the new Agent 47:
Almost all of the things they tinkered with are core elements.
And an entirely unnecessary and unoriginal story, that was already dealt with in previous Hitman games i.e. A guy got involved and is tricking ICA to do contracts for him and eventually framing 47 or some shit cuz of a personal agenda.


@Euler13 Its understandable where you are coming from. But remember this series has successfully catered for both audiences before.

Exactly Thats Really all you may need to know. But that does not necessarily speak for all of us.

And now the Question is not if The gameplay or sandbox style is at the stake. Its the opposite, The lore, character and story design is.
So as for the Question about the writer in the thread OP. He did an awful and a shit job integrating these elements into place.

@RW_Slick @Danger_dog_guy_7
This problem is increasing now a days, Many Devs focusing on one-sided elements of a game. Just Like Mass Effect Andromeda. They focused majority of their energy on Gameplay elements, Yay!! well and good, but why at the cost of Story/lore/animation Quality?


It’s the goofy vibe that ruins the experience.


i dont know what it is , but i miss something in this hitman game that was in the previous games. But i really cant say what it is, maybe its the whole atmosphere i dont know


@KrugerSchmidts I like how you bolded “you.” In most cases, I am only speaking for me. Obviously, my last 2 comments are exceptions.

@Danger_dog_guy_7 I thought we (gamers in general) liked games to not take themselves too serious? No?

Hell, even Horizon Zero Dawn has a good handful of joke moments and that story is GRIM AS HELL.


[quote=“RW_Slick, post:36, topic:15904, full:true”]
@Danger_dog_guy_7 I thought we (gamers in general) liked games to not take themselves too serious? No?

Hell, even Horizon Zero Dawn has a good handful of joke moments and that story is GRIM AS HELL.
[/quote]Look, I know you are quite new to the series, but we, the all time fans, know what is going on here. The vibe is so goofy you don’t even need a circus level to laugh at it. The game is enjoyable, but this vibe is so bad for a hitman game you just want to cry. Hitman used to be classy and serious but this game totally isn’t. Exept for the cutscenes.


You are 100% correct about what you said about me.

My question about the last part is: How is that bad?

Second question: This 47 doesn’t have class? (because I disagree)


Well, we still playing a game about killing and getting money for it. A cold blooded killer with a suit in a world full of crime. Game is good, but this vibe man it’s laughable in the bad way. Some examples: bond kinda music, 47 calling himself Rieper in every mission while in 2:SA he told Lei Ling it’s not his name anymore, every NPC thinks he is funny with lame ass stupid dialoge, fiberwire with no fucking wire, santa suit, purple guns, the big one… And so on.

The level design is great, gameplay is allright and the story is interesting, but the vibe and atmosphere are bad. Really bad. It’s bond and sesame street combined. Back in the day I felt scared in the closed down hotel wing in ToTT and mysterious while hiding in a closet in Blood Money. This game doesn’t have that.

Problem 3 is that everything seems over the top. IO-I doesn’t see not everything has to be so much. Fashionshow in a museum? Okay. But then. A nice farm completely fucked by a terrorist militia, a hotel with too big hallways and half of it closed to the public because the Class. Private hospital with more patients than rooms and half of it closed down because old Soders is being operated.

The game is fine, but IO-I does things too much to entertain us. Well let me tell you IO, me and maybe much more are allready happy with something small and normal. I can’t remember Beldingford Manor full of high tech terrorist or ToTT closed off because of a band. Just give us something original and normal. It doesn’t have to be as boring as you think.

Oh and yes, 47 has class. :wink:


. . . but, Santa is my backup Sniper!
(not kidding, I have made certain outfits into characters)

By the way, iam not arguing with you, just presenting my own thoughts.

Honestly, a lot of the things you find OTT aren’t.

Sanguine actually takes place in a palace - it just has a museum on the main floor. That is far from the strangest place that real fashion shows take place in. Used to date a model - try NYC pier warehouses and stuff. You’d be begging for a ‘museum.’

Farm fucked over by a militia - people being thrown out of their homes by an overwhelming force in the United States. . . COMPLETELY UNHEARD OF (/sarcasm)

Fuck that fucking hotel. I am with you brother, but a band or otherwise rich bitch group closing off a large portion of a hotel is 100% realistic.

Private hospital - you only think it is phony because you are too poor to be in one of the ones that really exist. . . and so am I.