Opinions On Vogt?


By the way, when 47 puts on the White Yukata, he is “Kung-Fu: The New Legend.”

I can only use him in pure melee missions.


The sanguine show is good. Paris is my favorite level from the game because it has this classiness. But what I mean, for example Bangkok, it’s too much. When I saw the first screens of Bangkok I got a boner from all the windows I saw. I thought man that much windows means much rooms with maybe usefull stuff in there. I expected small hallways like in ToTT/AHoC with nice luxury but not too big rooms. What it actually was: hallways as big as a fucking street, rooms that looked like a penthouse and the actual penthouse was the size of the lobby. Nothing to do. Half of it closed off and no nice places to hang out. It’s all so over the top. We expect nice and attractively but we get over the top and too much.

It’s like walking in a hallway and at the end is a cute little dog you want to cuddle. So you run to the dog but halfway you get smack cammed and when you get up the dog bites your dick. An unexpected disappointment.


Now we know why he is called “danger dog.”

A cute little dog bit his dick! :joy:


I disagree about the tone being better in Absolution - But I also have less and less fascination with this “darkness” everyone else seems to be obsessed with lately. I think the new game has a grander atmosphere that invokes the globe trotting, borderline operatic feeling last seen in Hitman 2 - Certainly more so than any of the other games. Bright, culturally diverse locations, larger than life characters and an airy atmosphere, wrapped in a narrative about an international conspiracy operating at levels above government, above law and above accountability - What could be more Hitman than that, really?

I think this pining after a “darker atmosphere” is going to be creatively limiting in the long run. It’s certainly no substitute for depth. Just because you can’t drown someone in a vat of dead pigs like you can in Absolution, it doesn’t mean this game doesn’t have its fair share of violence. It’s just a more tonally appropriate violence. Hitman has never been gore crazy and doesn’t need to be gore crazy, either. Absolution’s levity-free moments didn’t feel legitimately grim and came across more juvenile than anything. I mean, a bunch of drugged up masked killers massacring an orphanage and making necrophilia jokes about “popping nuns”… Come on. That’s not “dark”, that’s 3edgy5me nonsense.

As a game, I really like Absolution - Perhaps more than most Hitman fans. I don’t believe Hitman 2016 would be anywhere near as good as it is without the progressions and lessons gained and learned from Absolution, but I also think one of the lessons was precisely how to balance story and gameplay. I think the negative comments about Michael Vogt are unfounded and unfair, because if you look at the contrast between the two games, the story in Hitman 2016 feels a lot more organic. It’s weaved naturally into the levels, and doesn’t force you into a corner or dictate how you play the game. There’s no cutscene that ends with a setpiece where you have to escape a burning hotel, for example - Nor is there a story clincher that disempowers 47 and requires him to rebuild himself. Isn’t that exactly the kind of thing we hoped it would be? A story which isn’t all that invasive, but is actually quite sprawling if you have the will to seek it all out and connect all the dots. If you’re spending too much time getting mad over the fact that a miniscule factoid from a 17 year old game wasn’t directly acknowledged or may have been mildly contradicted, then I’m surprised you can enjoy anything.


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It’s the goofy vibe that ruins the experience.


He’s a decent writer I guess.
However HITMAN had barely any story so it’s hard to say whether season 2 is going to be great or shitty in that aspect.

I think there’s potential,I just hope for more cutscenes and more actual story in next season because I think its really hard to build a story while giving two minute cutscenes after every mission.

Also,honestly I’m not fan of some dialogue and Diana-47 relationship in HITMAN,hope that’ll change and 47 will be given a bigger role for second season.

EDIT:Btw this is 47th post in this thread so I’m extremely special at this moment


I agree with you. Michael Vogt is a very good writer and he has built an very interesting story. I think it’s good like IO is doing right now; Having a cycle between light and dark. This way we all get a nice change of pace.


fantastic post here.


I actually think that there is a lot of story, if you bother to look for it. Yes, the cutscenes are few and far between, but the dossiers at the beginning of each mission also add to the story. It was through the first four missions that Diana started to piece things together. It was Soders’ “whatever” attitude that made her suspect him and a lot of the story is told through the random conversations you hear people complaining about.

I like how things tie together in surprising ways. When we first played World of Tomorrow, we knew that Silvio was a previous ICA client, but it was not until Landslide that we learned what he’d tasked the ICA with. Bangkok may be everyone’s least favorite level, but it talks about a lot of the previous missions by listening to those conversations. It even talks about story elements that 47 is not responsible for. Hell, today’s Elusive Target has Jackie Carrington as a client. She is the hoebag that is banging everyone at the hotel and calls 47 “her next ex-husband.”


The Bad Writing from Absolution List:

  • Teenage girl with super powers that somehow becomes 47’s problem

  • Fake killing Diana for nostalgia / cheap ass drama

  • Helicopter chasing and shooting 47

  • 47 becoming an alcoholic idiot

  • 47 stashing a girl at a safe place only for her to be kidnapped immediately

  • 47 giving up his gear for “reasons” even though he already murdered the king of china town for Birdie

  • When our Silent Assassin gets KNOCKED OUT in a cut scene.

  • Who then is “framed” for a murder. But not before the bad guys set the entire hotel on fire because that’s normally what you do when you frame someone for murder, right?

  • The “plot twist” that Benjamin Travis has betrayed the ICA to fund and develop our genetically altered teenage girl.

  • 47 fights a giant mutant wrestler in a cage/wrestling fight

  • Again 47 our SILENT ASSASSIN is captured and tortured, this time by the Sheriff (totes normal, totes hitman)

  • Also, the fucking nun assassins? Really?

  • The hilariously stupid epilogue that leaves 47 as a known commodity being hunted by a detective. He is no longer a Silent Assassin without a name.

No, we can’t. You can and choose to be willfully ignorant if you want. Absolution is the dumbest, most absolutely non-Hitman thing that they have ever produced. Bateson reads the lines very well because he’s an amazing voice actor, but 47 the character is barely in the game because the writing is so fucked up.

The only single part where I feel that 47 is in the game is when he takes Victoria to the church orphanage. And even that part is some contrived bullshit.

You’re just speaking in generalities. I can’t take you seriously if you don’t have specifics for what has been tinkered with and why it is bad.

The season 1 reveal that “ICA has been taken advantage of etc” is an unoriginal premise and that’s fine. The rest of the elements are not unoriginal - the Shadow Client and the organization Providence have never been a part of Hitman.


It’s funny, because some of your “Bad Writing from Absolution List” is my “Why I enjoyed Absolution List”

I guess we’re all wired differently and come to games with wildly different expectations. Imagine how hard that is to cater to for developers? I know I’m in a minority, but I really enjoyed my Hitman Absolution experience. As for Hitman 2016, I know there have been and there still are bugs, but it’s quite simply the best game I’ve ever played.


Opinions are subjective.

It’s cool that you enjoyed the game.

But you’re not going to win many arguments if you think that Absolution’s 47 character is written properly.


I think he means because Providence is basically the Illuminati. Regardless, I like the concept of Providence and the fact that the Shadow Client has stayed one step ahead of them via the ICA


I felt 47 was written pretty consistently throughout. The problem was less the characterization and more the fact the story was put through the wringer. A lot of 47’s actions in the first act lost their context as some very important scenes were cut.


47 behaves in ways that are only found in Absolution.

I mentioned getting captured twice because it’s the biggest break from the character. 47 would not put himself in a place to be captured. He’s a myth, a silent assassin. And IO completely ruined that in Absolution.


I found this statement make me think of how James Bond has a similar legendary factor surrounding his character, yet all the bad guys seem to know his name and he gets captured all the time. :joy:


You know that’s like the exact thing that makes 47 so different.

Bond willingly puts himself in danger in basically every movie. He’s not always five steps ahead. He just manages to always get through insane situations.

My original point should have been that Absolution was the real James Bond Hitman.


Ok i agree with you. Absolution’s story sucks and we cant ignore the mess it created. Also it is not recoverable. I agree with all of that.
But for me
It sucks as much as new Hitman 2016 aswell.

I hate both of these game’s lore equally.

On a side note: Michel Vogt was involved in writing department of both of these titles.


I agree in general, although I would argue the story was intended to do that to 47. It was supposed to be about his “rise and fall” so to speak, but so much was cut, changed and shuffled around that it’s barely recognizable in that way by the end result.

For example, there were initially some scenes which contextualized his Terminus actions. See here:

With this scene cut, we don’t have the foresight to know he is making poor decisions due to intoxication. It just makes him look like an ameteur.


Head Writer for Hitman 2016, dialogue writer for Absolution - As far as I can tell.

See, this makes absolutely no sense to me. What is so offensive about this new game from a story standpoint? I think they’ve at the very least created some very compelling characters. I love every second of the Shadow Client’s screen time, and is dialogue is captivating. I WONDER WHO WROTE THAAAAAAT!