Opinions On Vogt?


Personally I don’t really think we can fully judge the story at this point, as the first season is really just the introduction to it and all the characters involved within it. However the method they’re using to frame the arching storyline can be, which is done by the cut scenes and the environment surrounding each contract which in this Hitman sets the tone for each map allowing for a variety of different themes depending on the Targets and the location itself. The conclusion of season 3 will likely pull everything together nicely so we can analyze it from a complete perspective.


The main person responsible for Absolution’s story/writing was the lead director and lead writer Tore Blystad.

Blaming Vogt for the big stuff in Absolution is wrong.


In defense of Tore Blystad, he wore a lot of different hats in production of that game. Game Director, Writer and Art Director. He probably had to make a lot of the difficult decisions regarding story and pacing, I don’t envy that position at all.


It’s just the in-game atmosphere, I’m actually interested in the story. I’m just sick of hearing the same goofy voices with the jokes. I get that there’s a hard-on for the “dark” hitman contracts atmosphere and I’m guilty of it but story wise I feel this game stomps on that. I just don’t care for the bond feeling, perhaps it’s a combination of things like the music, the jokey voices and lackluster combat/certain animations. I mean…if you subdue someone they even joke while being strangled if you hold them long enough.

With all that said I wouldn’t mind a return to “darker” themed levels but really, it’s about music and atmosphere to me. Absolution nailed that part (as well as combat) in my opinion although the story wasn’t as great. Going back to Blood Money, a majority of the levels in that game weren’t really “dark” yet “A New Life” seems to be a fan favorite and it’s just a guys house in the suburbs yet it feels very hitman. If Contracts had this games music and every level was day time without rain, would it feel the same? It’d be very different that’s for sure.


I’m reminded of that scene in The Simpsons, where the Itchy & Scratchy people put together a panel of kids to figure out how they can make the show better after ratings went down. They get lots of conflicting answers.

Hitman, in some ways, feels like IOI tried to find out what should be in the next game after the Absolution disaster and got a lot of different answers from fans (“I want to laugh!” “I want grit and seriousness!” “I want a Bond-like spy-thriller!”), then tried to combine them. So we get humour in the missions, seriousness in the cutscenes and Bond in both. We better watch out, or they might add in a sarcastic stoner sidekick named Charlie Fuzzballs who follows 47 around everywhere, dropping corny one-liners and rolling joints while 47 dumps bodies into bins.


I wouldn’t mind a Tinkerbell-like fairy that flies around and magically disappears bodies.

runs off before the wrenches start flying


Too late. There’s agent Smith!



Why the fuck am I in a box?


I’m not a fan of this new take. I preferred the slower story telling that fit a bit closer to the gameplay, too. These new cutscenes are so disconnected. It’s a lot better than Absolution but that’s not saying much because since Absolution is a disgrace.

The game overall is too over-designed. I think it probably is too bond-like. It has some Jason Bourne aspect to it, too. Way too Hollywood… too fast. It’s trying to be cool when it should be odd and dark.

It’s not the writer’s fault (I think) but the way everyone has an American accent, security’s overly aggressive remarks when they turn you away, the crappy punchline-only jokes every bloody NPC tries to drop. This feels like the least diverse hitman yet which is ironic since you get that big message at the start of the game about how they’ve got people from all different faiths, opinions and ethnic backgrounds, every god damn time you boot the game, yet I’m really not seeing it.

Speaking of which it feels so politically correct, at least in left leaning ways. I’m not trying to be political about it or anything but every ‘villain’ in this that has any kind of political aspect to them has generally been right-wingy. The only NPC that is supposed to be patriotic and American is also portrayed as fucking ingrate in Japan.

In USA level there’s a conversation between two NPCs where there’s a jab at the recent US presidential election with right-leaning NPC being portrayed as stupid, obviously. Then in The Icon hit there’s a conversation where an NPC says he’ll boycott the movie until they hire ‘Dave Bateson’. Yeah wow, jeez… very subtle. Of course he’s there to represent us, the fans. And yes he’s made out to be a reactionary twat and another NPC is the calm, thinking one. That kind of crap really rubs me the wrong way.

In previous hitman games 47 was around all kind of stuff that I guess is ‘too much’ for this ‘diverse’ game? Chinese torturing people, selling off whores, all kinds of out-there situations happening in churches, sharia-law areas being shown to be shitholes, Smith calling people towel heads, disturbing Hannibal-like Romanian BDSM clubs, hell/heaven party themes with people dressed in costumes and doing thinigs that would deifnitely not be… Kosher, Halal, whatever. British hunting culture being shown as man-hunting and freaky. And it did all these things without trying to be super edgy or upset people. It just had great dark themes and seemed to be actually aimed at an adult audience.

Hitman 2016 is James Bourne does some weights and beats up people with American accents all over the world. Also conspiracy or something. Oh and here’s Diana’s face and crappy hairstyle. Again it’s video games trying to get better at story telling by trying to be like modern movies when they should try to be more like books or classic movies which are much better at conveying unconventional plots which is what video games almost always have.


How so? If you have played through the whole game and watch the cutscenes back to back, they are perfectly connected.

Plenty of people in this game do not have an “American” accent. Including a few that are actually in the U.S. stage.


They happen years apart. Diana goes from young to old in a handful of cut-scenes and it ends with an entire conspiracy cover up (off screen of course) and a picture of 47 as a kid? And practically nobody even in the story knows what’s going on. It’s a mess.

They’re all unique NPCs with their own VAs. None of the surrounding innocence or security ever speak like they’re from the location. Not in in mannerism or humour. Nobody in the streets of Sapienza speaks Italian or with an Italian accent or seems to say any Italian phrases. It might as well be a sunny, rural, coastal tourist town in the US. Most people sound like they’re not even from there in dialogue. Everyone is on their phone is like a tourist “Ya mom I’m ok this place is great!” or speaking with each other like they just got there.

Compare it with Hitman 2’s Sicily which despite being more than a decade old in graphics feels more like Italy.


Dude, the first part is backstory and takes place 20 years before the events of the game! Of course she looks different. Even 47 looks a bit younger in the first scene, but he’s freaking genetic clone.


The lack a proper accents native to the location used to bother me also, but when u factor in the massive amounts of dialogue that is in the game, it’s understandable why it’s not authentic. Money is always a factor and cuts gotta be made somewhere right?


Not so “perfectly connected”, then. Again, trying to be too Hollywood, jumping all over the place to try and paint ‘big’ story.

Not my problem.


I think you should visit the Square-Enix forum if u want to leave feedback, you will learn the hard way that your not going to find enthusiasm to complain about the game from others here.


Actually, it is perfectly connected and if you do not see that, you are reaally not paying attention to the story or maybe you have not seen it all yet. The point of the ICA level is twofold: it is the tutorial for the game and it introduces Erich Soders who is extremely important to the plot and direction of the game.


@robertninja I have great enthusiasm about your complaints. keep it going.


I’m well aware of the anti-criticism and how it and many other flaws have hastened the antiquity of forums to be replaced by VOIP/IRC type services, image boards and social media. However this forum is actually not half as bad I expected to turn out after the original got archived. I think some of the oldies are still here. I like this more than my country’s most popular general forum :smiley:

You’re misunderstanding me. I’m not confused by the story… I know exactly what’s going on probably more than most casual players due to my love of the series. I just think it’s crap. It’s Spectre (2015) where the writer tries to tie everything in together that was never meant to be linked and make it an epic tale that we never knew was happening all the time. More Bond influence.

Haha why thank you. But I’ll leave it there :blush:


I never want to stop your voice or anything. I only question and challenge it when I disagree. Not like I have any power or anything here. I would not stop you if I did. Please continue.

The game is far from perfect. Professional Difficulty Marrakesh got on my nerves all this week. Regardless, I find the game to be highly enjoyable both in story and gameplay.


It’s not that everyone here is hostile to criticism, but we are all fans of the game and series like yourself, and despite the flaws we all may personally have with this title many on this forum just want to enjoy what they do love about it. Plus the sqaure enix site is the place to let loose.with passionate ideas, I have myself. :blush: