Opinions On Vogt?


I kind of envy players that have started the series with this title, it really has improved a lot in main areas, tons of ways to get each target, way smoother movement controls espicially when crouching. I would be enjoying this one so much more than I am now, which is a lot don’t get me wrong. Seriously if you do play the older titles you are going to laugh at how slow you move, especially Hitman 2 SA


I wouldn’t abandon this idea just yet, Simon Devaraux, Sean Rose’s target, also lies like this and he’s still alive.



That’s almost a guaranteed controller-thrower for me. Can’t stand games with mandated slow-burn pacing. I’m OT for this thread so I’ll stop there.


OH SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY! My friend is streaming that now and when you crouch you might as well freaking stand still!


Doing a fibre wire kill was a challenge but soooo satisfying once accomplished :smiling_imp:


He was stuck in Russia a while because the pissing dude kept turning around before he could crouch walk up to him


True silent assassins operate at the speed of a dead turtle.


Every reply you made is “Stop being offended.” A game’s writing being crap and someone criticising it = offended now? Whatever.

Well first of all I already said:

So obviously I don’t think it did those things to be only edgy nor would I want more things like that for the sake of it. I just thought stuff like that made the characters a little more believable and the game aimed at adults. I mean you’d never hear lines like that anymore. Smith was drunk and talking about people who were trying to kill him so I thought the line conveyed his exhaustion of patience and brazen attitude perfectly. I doubt he was ever written to be racist because that would make him unlikable and I’m pretty sure he’s written to be likable despite being goofy.

After absolution, the excessive online restrictions and DRM in 2016… I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be skeptical of IO’s attitude to their initial fanbase. Don’t take that as me not trusting them, though. I think episodic so far hasn’t borne any fruit yet but I think it has the potential to make sure they listen to the fans more than ever and in ways they already have which is nice.

I don’t see it as that, it is that. To the fanbase. I don’t take it personally but for it to make it into the game I just got the image of someone still butthurt that their awesome business decision to replace the leading VA got shot down by those pesky original fans.

“It was just a prank, bro!”

Yeah I think it probably happened because of technical reasons, too. All security behave the same way. No difference in training or protocols. To make a target be able to throw a punch or pull a gun on 47 they’d have to make the target technically a security guard. Meaning they’d probably go around searching for 47 and coordinating with other security (which would actually make sense for some of the targets). Or when there’s a target lockdown they’d suffer a recursion of trying to secure themselves. Obviously all of that is fixable but I guess they just didn’t have the time/money to make it happen so targets behave like innocence bystanders in terms of AI template. and fighting ability.

I miss characters like Lee Hong where the target is often more dangerous than any other NPC! Or Vinnie where he hides in the closet ready to blow your head off with a revolver. But getting a bit off topic, none of this is about writing even though it does contribute to the narrative a bit.


Well none of your criticisms were particularly substantial to me - And all seemed to be aimed at the fact that they made a few mild and mundane of jokes at the expense of supposedly right wing things,a joke about a voice acting controversy from 5 years ago, and the fact they don’t say “towel head” anymore.

I mean, come on. Making fun of Donald Trump is practically mainstream these days. The guy is such low hanging fruit. He’s basically a tomato.

I don’t see how it’s really fair to compare the entire of Absolution as a creative work with DRM and online restrictions. Not everything you personally dislike can be seen as an intentionall slight against the fanbase. Hitman 2016 has an NPC called Jack Please ferchristssake - As well NPCs named after forum members. There’s tons of fun little references to the community. I can assure you the Bateson reference was not mean spirited in the slightest.


Vogt’s Spy thriller. Time stamped.


Praise that video to heaven


Maybe Thomas Cross isn’t death. Maybe he’s only considered death… :wink:


I get what you are saying, but the Shadow Client is possibly better than 47.

If you are reported dead and he was the cause, YOU’RE DEAD.


“You were always the best. Nobody ever came close.” - Shadow Client, on 47.


Truth, but two things on that:

  1. The word “were” is past-tense.
  2. At the end of Freedom Fighters, SC clearly had the drop on 47 and CHOSE not to take the shot.

Not saying that you are wrong, but those are two points to heavily consider. Also, there will not be much point to their inevitable showdown if 47 is better.


The takeaway from that scene though was that 47 knew he was being watched. He’s been very tight lipped this game, but it’s heavily implied he knows who the Shadow Client is. When looking at the evidence in the bunker, 47 says “He knows me” while Diana responds with “At least this shortens the list”.

When 47 turned and looked back in the direction of Shadow Client as he stared down the scope, it was as if he was saying “I know who you are. You won’t take that shot.”

I dunno how people can have such a strong disgust for this story, to be honest - It is tonally more of a classic spy/espionage thriller in nature, but as far as I am concerned this is a classic slab of Hitman.


Yeah, but I think 47 may not remember all of his past.


I did read all of White000’s post and I have to say I like most f the ponts in the posts, especially the part about the lore of hitman and the analysis of 47. I don’t really care about how the story continued but I just hope the devs will make a good backstory for the Shadow Client.

Off topic, but talking about spy thriller, do you know what shit has happened. There’s a poll in Hitman Wikia about the best theme for a Hitman movie and here’s the result.


The problem with that poll is that a “spy thriller” is a broad genre, whereas many of the other options are descriptors of pace and tone. A spy thriller can be slow starting (like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), it can be an Action Movie (like a James Bond film) or it can be historical and/or extremely realistic (like Munich or Day of the Jackal).

Hitman being a Spy Thriller doesn’t automatically make it a derivative knockoff of James Bond, it can be far more than that whilst still having a few key trappings of the spy fiction genre.


Just had an idea for Season 2 that I think could really be awesome. I mentioned previously that I think they dropped the ball killing off Thomas Cross. he could have sought revenge against “whoever” killed his son.

But what about Cross’ mother? Cross’ accounts were wiped out, but the story never mentioned his mother. A lot of times the wif is estranged or divorced and if she divorced him, SHE HAS CASH. What if Jordan’s mom sends people afte 47 or even better, she inherited Thomas’ estate and we get to go to that island to take her out?

Oh, the possibilities. . .