Original Music


New track out called "Sub Dive"
Been working on some bass stuff and i’m happy with the result!
check it out!


Happy new Year, everyone!


Every now and again, I like to write more atmospheric, down-tempo tracks. I think its good to have variety as an artist and not be so one note. I hope you give this a listen.


Hey guys, as a long time Hitman Forum user (since 2005) and fan I really need all the help I can get right now. My band Tainted Lady has the opportunity to play at the biggest Danish rock and metal festival COPENHELL. And right it’s 4 bands against eachother in a voting match. Check the music out here, and I hope you approve!

This is how you vote for us:

  1. Click this link:

  2. If it takes you to the home page then click on the right banner “TAK ROCK”

  3. Click “Band Battle” on the right side of the page.


Thank you in advance for your help!!


New track out! check it out on soundcould or youtube:


This got used in some opening credits…


Is anyone else worried that SoundCloud is a sinking ship? I know that they fired hundreds of people from their offices, and I really don’t see how it can compete with Spotify in terms of streaming popular music. But I think it is great for independent musicians, as Spotify hasn’t really covered that section just yet (and why should it?) Does anyone use Mixcloud or Bandcamp? They are listed as alternatives for independent musicians, but I’m very unfamiliar with them. We still need a world where SoundCloud and Spotify exist, but monetization is so hard for SoundCloud :confused:


Yeah, I have a bandcamp page for the band I play in but not for any solo stuff. Soundcloud nearly went down recently but it managed to stay afloat for a while longer. I still use it and probably will for as long as it remains online.


I still have and use soundcloud, but hardly ever use it to find new music (unless its liked to me)
Also I have no interest in their “Pro” service, specifically the part where I have to pay to listen to full versions of uploads instead of just a clip. I just go on YouTube instead.

For me, soundcloud is great for putting up demos/ideas/and just cataloguing what i’ve done. I don’t think it was ever intended to be a milti million dollar website, but thats what they tried to turn it into. Part of me is glad that that part failed but I don’t want the website as a whole to go down.


I liked Soundcloud until they reduced their streaming quality recently. It was never as good as Bandcamp, but now it sounds like poorly-encoded 128kbps garbage.