Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Ya it’s a little weird too. If an npc sees you “throw” an item for a distraction, they tell you to stop littering. But drop a coin, and it’s like that reaction doesn’t exist. They become mesmerized. Lol.

Edit: didn’t see your spoiler question to me. But to answe it, no i didn’t. I did it with no KO’s and suit only (meaning, didn’t change out to move the axe). I made a video of it earlier about 5+ mins, but I did a couple of KO’s. I want to redo it with no KO’s.

And originally it was suppose to be a vampire magician run too. But I changed that.


While I agree that the coin trick is beyond exploitative and unrealistic, I like having it available as an option. I like the idea that you could ideally isolate any NPC with enough patience, it makes contracts mode feel a little more free and I think that imposing restrictions would be a detriment.


Maybe a little too free though, don’t you think? It basically breaks any contract from experiencing it the way the creator made it and it’s like having a game genie for the nes (if you’re old enough to even know what that is). Haha.


Maybe, but you could argue that Hitman’s beauty is that there is always more than one method to complete your task. This just opens up the number of potential approaches, I think that’s better than having too many situations with one possibility.


True but to some degree, cuz the thing is, it’s also about not having EVERY approach work every single time. It’s also about trying to figure it out. What works and what doesn’t. Even FE doesn’t have 100% success rate because sometimes you don’t want to use it due to causing panic amongst other NPCs OR the contract asks for a specific kill weapon so you can’t use FE.

But this coin lure is really OP’d that it ruins the puzzle element for SA as you can just lure any npc anywhere and kill them as needed. Somebody works really hard to make a contract and all someone needs to do is coin drop and bump lure. It’s the only mechanic in the game hat should be removed due to it’s ruining of gameplay, imo.

But that’s just me. :grin:


@D1NGdong, if you want to give me a second, official attempt, I’ll try it without using the coin trick, and you can make “no coin trick” a special condition. Obviously @justnobody would get a second try, too.

I don’t think having a second try is a MAJOR advantage in this contract because there’s only one target. You could even tell people who haven’t played yet where the target is located on the map so it’s fair.

Just a suggestion.


Absolutely not. People need to stop trying to nerf anything fun. Don’t be like IO.


How is ruining someone’s puzzle “fun”? Like I said, you can easily lure any target anywhere on the map with it. It takes away the fun by making it “easy”. Why do you like easy mechanics? Why do you like things that don’t make things challenging? It literally has a 100% success rate. This mechanic waters down the puzzle. You’re one who likes puzzles, right? Well this mechanic ruins the puzzle.

Don’t believe me? Make the hardest most complicated puzzle contract, then watch how anyone can EASILY break it by not technically “solving” it or putting any effort into it by just coin bump n’ drop lure the target to a secluded area.

So how is that fun? It’s like grabbing an npc by the hair and dragging them where ever you want and nobody does anything about it. Lol.

Cuz technically, you’re not “solving” the puzzle, you’re breaking it. And you’re one who thinks this game is ALL puzzle, right? :wink:


I dunno. Is that fair then to the others who haven’t done it? What if they do it in 10 minutes? Isn’t that breaking your own rule? :wink:

But if this is what you’d like, you’d have to tag the other players who can potentially play this contract and ask them if they are cool with that cuz it’s essentially their call if they find it fair or not based on the rules set it place. If they agree, then that’s fine. But it shouldn’t be up to me because they might not be cool with it. So I’d rather they are before saying ya go ahead.

Hope that makes sense.


Yes, because one person completing a contract using coins totally RUINS someone puzzle. Like total destruction, no coming back from that. That one person ruined the entire contract for everyone untill the end of time. Because that is how it works. Because logic. Such ruined, much destroyed.

I have done more difficult and challenging things in this game than you ever will by a longshot.

It also opens up possibilities for new stuff that would not have been possible without it. Like the flying haybale. The haybale argument alone is already more than enough to counter any argument you will ever make.

And it doesn’t ruins puzzle. It takes way too long in almost every scenario. [quote=“D1NGdong, post:2058, topic:13270”]
Don’t believe me? Make the hardest most complicated puzzle contract, then watch how anyone can EASILY break it by not technically “solving” it or putting any effort into it by just coin bump n’ drop lure the target to a secluded area.

If i would make a truly complicated contract no amount of coin luring would help anyone. Even with coin luring it would never become easy. If you think otherwise you are wrong.[quote=“D1NGdong, post:2058, topic:13270”]
So how is that fun? It’s like grabbing an npc by the hair and dragging them where ever you want and nobody does anything about it. Lol.

It resulted in the haybale kill, which is one of the most memorable ones. And yes that was fun to watch.

Breaking this game is a form of solving the contract aswell. Just because you don’t like/understand that does not make it any less true.

Oh and yes, HITMAN is most definitely a puzzle game


Great. I guess having a mature adult conversation with you goes out the window, kinda like the flying hay bale. :rofl:

Have fun.


Underneath the banter are actual arguments though. And you deserve a little banter every now and then due to your past behaviour huehu


Make it and I’ll prove you wrong. Ill get SA 100% just with that coin lure.

So you Wanna bet? Like for real? $1000 I break your “puzzle.” I’m talking real money here. Not childish all talk no action. Seriously. Make it and I’ll break it JUST with coins, and bring $1000 to the table.


Forget the past. It was what it was. :smile:

Anyhoo. Challenge made. Accept or not. :innocent:


How do we define the parameter for the difficulty? Based on what critera do we judge if the contract became easy?

Also, will there a deadline for you to complete it? Or a certain time within the contract must be completed?

question questions. Im intrigued by the bet though. So answer all that and then we will talk


I was suggesting it for your sake, and others’, so that people experience your contract as you intended it to be experienced. As you said, I wasn’t really supposed to get an SA the way I did, using the coin trick, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t achieve an SA if I played the contract again without using my previous approach. I was just trying to be generous by surrendering my score.

But I’m quite happy to not replay and keep my SA rank if you don’t want to do what I suggested. lol


Well my argument about the coin bump n drop is that it ruins someone’s puzzle contract. And the puzzle is getting SA. So Prevent me from getting SA and I’ll show you how easy it is to ruin all the hard work you put into your puzzle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s what I’m talking about. Someone puts a puzzle up with a specific disguise and/or weapon kill restriction, then the coin lure is the ONLY mechanic that ruins that puzzle to get SA. That’s my point.

An easy eg. Foretold Featured Contract. Snipe the fortune teller in suit in AHBOS map. The person who made that contract put in a lot of thought on how to do that and get silent sniper assassin. Now all I have to do is get the proper disguise, move the sniper to the kill secluded spot, then do the coin bump n drop mechanic to take him across the entire map to kill him and get SA. That’s all I’m saying.

It’s the ONLY mechanic that has a 100% success rate. Not even the FE has that cuz sometimes you can’t use FE or there’s the risk of killing a non target. So you have to figure out what works and what doesn’t. But this coin lure works 100% of the time.

That’s all I’m saying. And the funny part is, if an npc sees you toss an item for distraction, they tell you to not litter. But dropping a coin doesn’t do that. And you only need 1 coin to do that. At least with say the coin trail, you need to make sure no other npc sees that otherwise they’ll take the coins. So it’s not 100%. And you need more than 1 coin.

So there is no “difficult” contract that one can make to get SA when this coin bump n drop early moves any target to a secluded spot to easily get SA.


Like I said, it really isn’t up to me. If I say yes, but then another player who hasn’t done it says “wtf?”, that’s not right for me to say. You’d have to convince them. I’m all good if everyone agrees to have a second chance and add this stipulation. But again, not my choice. I don’t want to ruin someone else’s experience if they see it that way.

Do you know what I mean?


I stated that i could make a contract which would never become easy, doesn’t matter how many coin tricks you use.

Then you stated that you would break that contract easily and wanted to do a thousand dollar bet.

I am getting the impression that you are backing down from that bet.

So answer me this: how do we define the contract becoming easy? And no, just completing it SA does not make it easy.

Do you still wanna make this bet or are you backing down?

Choose wisely


The bet is I will break your puzzle to get SA just with the coin trick. If you think otherwise, you will lose. You should know better. But go ahead. I’m not backing down.

Make sure to have your 1000 bucks ready.

Edit: oh and just to be clear, “I” never said anything about a contract being easy or hard. I said the coin trick ruins the puzzle element of the contract as you can lure any target to a secluded area for the kill.