Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Yeah, I know what you mean. This kind of thing used to be my decision. I need my authority back. lol

If you prefer, I’ll disqualify myself from the competition, and from now on you can have a “no coin trick” special condition.

That would mean @justnobody is in the lead. I think his score should stand because, even though he attempted to use the coin trick, it didn’t exactly go to plan. lol


Haha. No dude. I’m not gonna change the rules. It’s my fault for not making stipulations. You can use whatever tactic you like if it’s not a restriction from the creator.
So don’t worry about it. But we still have many future contracts to be made. :slight_smile:


OK, thanks.

At least we’ve all learned something from this experience and people are now aware that they can make “no coin trick” a stipulation in the future. :slight_smile:


Watch, @Fortheseven will choose the prisoner as the target. :roll_eyes::rofl:

Of course the coin trick won’t work. NOTHING works on him. He’s tied up. Duh. :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


One advantage of both the players so far using coin trick; it means they both have slow times :smirk:


True. Also, everyone is now ridiculously aware that I got my score using the coin trick, so others are free to try it themselves and beat my time that way. Shouldn’t be hard, because it was the first time I’d ever used the trick properly and there was a lot of trial and error.


THIS was the initial statement. Which you responded to by:

So again, my statement was that it would never become easy. Now you are twisting words around and suddenly just talking about just to SA it. There is a difference between the two.

And i could easily make a contract that would never become easy to SA, no matter the amount of coin luring.

That was my initial statement, and should be the bet.

Are you down for that? Because it will lose you money


Pls no arguments, I thought this was the only thread free of mechanics arguments

(As a side note, that contract would probably involve one of the auction people :wink:)


Before you intervened, what did I say about the coin lure? That’s my stance on it. Whether a contract is easy or hard is irrelevant. Even if I have to do a few extra things, the puzzle that someone put into a contract gets ruined when I can lure someone away with just 1 coin.

So just look at my first reply to your first reply back to me. That’s what I’m talking about. Being able to lure any target away with just 1 coin if can do that. Meaning, if they respond to distractions. Like @silverballer said. Choosing an auction person or the prisoner from the marrakesh, NPC’s that don’t respond to any kind of distraction doesn’t count. Cuz I said when I “CAN” use the coin, it’s a 100% success rate of moving that target.

If you don’t think so, maybe you should watch this. Guess how I moved some?


Well considering that I said when I “can” use the coin lure. If an npc doesn’t respond to any distraction that you toss, well that’s just the game. My point is, the puzzle one puts together can easily get broken by luring the target somewhere just with this coin mechanic.


I’ll reiterate what @Silverballer said. No arguments here, please, and no extenuated debates about things that are only tangentially related to the topic. This contest has run so well for such a long time for a reason.

(BTW, I’m not accusing anyone in particular. I haven’t been reading the posts that don’t concern me. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. I’m just speaking generally, to everyone. lol)


It is really not, since i clearly stated: [quote=“Fortheseven, post:2060, topic:13270”]
If i would make a truly complicated contract no amount of coin luring would help anyone. Even with coin luring it would never become easy. If you think otherwise you are wrong.

To which you replied: [quote=“D1NGdong, post:2063, topic:13270”]
Make it and I’ll prove you wrong.

That clearly includes the difficulty, since it’s an important part in my statement.

No, i could make puzzle that would not get ruined by that.

Either you accept the bet that you proposed yourself in the first place, or you decline/twist sentences whatever you want.

But if you are ready i will start making that contract for you right now.


No way, you’re still winning. Let my sad little 60k score stay at the bottom where it belongs.


Well if the target responds to tossing distraction, make it. The game only rates me on SA. That’s my point from the beginning. That this coin mechanic is a 100%!success rate when I can use it. CAN, keyword. Of course the prisoner won’t work. So If you wanna misconstrue things, go ahead.

Make the contract if you want. I don’t like easy things anyways. That’s my other point. I prefer challenging myself. So you’re only making things fun for me. :joy:


It doesnt involve the prisoner or auction guys that cant be lured, that was never my plan.

You can twists words around all you want, fact still remains: I made a statement, you stated you would prove me wrong and wanted to bet 1000 dollars.

If you dont wanna make the bet, that’s fine, but then don’t start about it to begin with.

If you wanna do it ill make it right now, and there will be 1000 dollars up for grasps


Leaving for a couple of hours right now. So don’t be alarmed if I don’t reply back to you right away, ok? :sweat_smile:


My gosh. Dude. YOU replied to what I had been saying in the thread. So before you entered in the conversation, I said nothing about what you’re talking about. Then you replied and I replied off of that. You decided to make “stipulations” afterwards. Lol.

Anyways, I gotta run for a of couple hours. Be back shortly to continue this.


Please do so via private message, or in another thread.


Wow dude…

Right, that was just a discussion, replies going back and forth(e):P. But then during that discussion, i made this statement:

To which you replied with the proposition of a $1000 bet

So, by logic, ofcourse the bet refers to MY statement, which you said you could prove wrong, so much so that you proposed a bet.

There are no stipulations afterwards, it is just right there, in my statement.

Just seems to me you are trying to use semantics to back down from your own bet, and saving face.

Again, it’s fine if you don’t wanna make the bet, but then don’t propose it in the first place as some tough guy


:smile: Thanks.

Well, in a way, you’re winning, too, because I never would have gotten that score if I hadn’t studied stolen :smirk: your methods. You’re like Master Yoda to my Luke Skywalker.

That might not be a great metaphor because I’m preeetty sure the coin trick is a Dark Side technique. lol