Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Bet is on. Let’s take this to pm. Make the contract. Time to win some money. :slight_smile:



Can I AXE You A Question? (6:22)

This run was pretty slow, but got SA and I’m pretty sure I used the trick that was intended with the contract. Definitely still a win up for grabs.

You could definitely do this No KOs by luring the balcony guard away with a planted gun and emetic syringing the guy as he investigates, then getting him in Margolis’s bathroom with the axe in the attic.


You did it. But LMAO x1000000000 with that vault that almost got you spotted. Hahahaha.

And if there’s anyone doing this contract in this group to get what I was doing, I knew it would be you, maybe 1 other person, but he doesn’t play anymore. If anyone else figured out what i did to make it, then awesome on them.

But here’s what i did with my run. And yes, no KO’s.


I know, that vault was me messing around and it almost fucked me over :laughing:

You know the mixtape luring mechanic is my favourite thing to do in hitman :smirk:

^ if anyone saw this before my edit and if you haven’t played, just forget it…


Easy you say? Then how come it took you so long to complete it? :wink:
Just kidding I know you didn’t attempt a speedrun and I had to make it fairly “easy” since I was sort of in a rush to make a contract :blush:

It’s interesting though that most of you over-complicated the contract (imho), it took me just under 5 minutes to create it (with SA!) granted I had the use of instinct and knowing how I wanted the intended route to be.
And here it is, recreated obviously since I didn’t record my creation process:

On to the current contract!
First of all I was a bit flabbergasted when I saw that there was 30+ posts in the thread since my last visit.
But I won’t get involved in that pissing contest (seriously, no offence intended to anyone) :wink:

Anyway, when I saw the image of the target I assumed he was one the guys in the palace garden (from the featured contract Goons in the garden) so I started there and quickly realized my (first) mistake.
I got to the target location and started looking for options to get him to a secluded place.
I couldn’t find one quickly enough for my patience so I used (what I know now from reading up in the thread) the dreaded coin trick… It didn’t work out since I didn’t get the guy to move away far enough so the kill got spotted and I just bailed and ended up with a score of 66,674… :unamused:


Lol. Cuz I saw Davids run at 23 mins and I had about 1 hr or so to complete it so I was rushing and didn’t know my route, even though I knew exactly what to do. And since davids time was 23 mins, I wanted to take the most reliable safest route possible. Which included the flower delivery opportunity. Haha. But as I said, even though it was easy, I did have lots of fun doing it. And that’s more important to me than anything.

Anyways, gonna watch your vid now and see what you did.


Was your kill also seen through that damned window in the room next to the target’s balcony? I couldn’t believe I forgot that when I made my (impatient) throw.


Naah it was just sloppy, I didn’t even lure him in to that room (as I intended) and just killed him on the balcony but he had to turn away before I threw my axe so he got a little to far to the corner and fell into sight…


Even though my score was defeated, it’s nice to see that the coin-trick isn’t all powerful. Well done, @Silverballer. Some excellent creative thinking there. What you did wouldn’t have occurred to me … at least not until after about 40 minutes of standing on the balcony, staring at the Eifel Tower and contemplating the meaning of my murdery, morally ambiguous existence.

P.S. Oh, please remember to write that you followed the rules, though. Everyone’s been doing a good job of that lately.


Haha. Sorry, I have NEVER wrote “I followed all the rules.” I always forget and nobody reminds me. Lol. But I assure everyone, I always follow all the rules and I’ll start from now on to type that.

Ps, you can’t tell anyone to write that as you handed in your sheriffs badge a while ago. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m not telling. I’m asking politely. For the benefit of us all. Totally different. lol

Everyone’s a sheriff now!


So can you please show me below (in your quote) where your invisible question mark is? Cuz I can’t see it without my X-ray vision glasses on right now. They are being repaired. :upside_down_face:


just bustin’ your chops. Hehe.


Err … OK, maybe it was a polite instruction that Silverballer is free to follow or ignore at his discretion. lol

Funny. I remembered it as a question. Maybe my former power has gone to my head. It’s a good job I stepped down or I may have involuntarily transformed this thread into the Hitman Forum equivalent of North Korea.

“Remember to follow the rules, please, guys! Friendly warning!”

Phew. Crisis averted.


Lmao x 20 (characters) :rofl:


Challenge accepted.

Pick any one of them and the kill method, plz. :smiling_imp:


Shit, I have to do my contract.

Again, I forgot the ID, so just a name.

This contract is very difficult. Take it slow, be cautious.

The Hangman’s Hand

Special conditions:

  1. You may never change disguise from your suit.
  2. If any bodies are found or if you are recorded on camera before deleting the evidence, you will fail the mission.

It is suggested that you start at the Water Tower or the Southern Farm Perimeter.


I diedededededededededede. The contract is really hard :smiley:


Already? After 10 mins?

As I said before, take your time.


Yes, what were u expecting??? me… colorado… no mini-map… no instincts… guards with shotguns and assault riffles… :wink:


I failed, got spotted before the first target even went down.