Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Two targets down then mission failed because a body was spotted through the tiniest possible gap.

P.S. Sorry, I stopped recording at the end when I failed, so you don’t get a really clear view of the hole the guard saw the body through, but it was pretty small. I thought I was safe.

The game was fair, though. I hung around for a little while to check, before quitting, so I don’t feel cheated. There was a hole there. No wall-hacking occurred.

It’s actually quite impressive that the vision of NPCs is so realistic.


Going for my turn now. Wish me luck, as apparently I’m going to need it. Lol.


Was doing amazing until the last guy in greenhouse and then I got the spotted running in. :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

@David47 @justnobody @Bending_Cheese67 @Silverballer @hitwoman47 @Chillyschrimp

I have a suggestion.

These hard types of contracts are fine, but I think that the contract submitter SHOULD SA and be on the leaderboards before releasing it. So that way we aren’t stuck all playing a contract that we all fail. :rofl:

What do you all think?

EDIT: I also wanna make clear that the SA run by the creator SHOULD be with the rules as is, not doing it with instinct and eveything else on.


Yeah, I think this one may have been a little a fucking huge amount too hard :laughing:



With the utmost respect, I don’t think it’s necessary to make contract-creators jump through that hoop. Creating a decent contract on time is often time-consuming enough.

Yes, this contract was difficult, but not unfairly so, in my opinion. It just required patience. I was handling it quite comfortably at my usual, careful-ass pace before I made an (easily avoidable) mistake.

And even if a contract is abnormally hard, all competitors have to deal with the exact same difficulties, so it’s still fair and hard. We can all take solace in getting our asses kicked together. lol

P.S. People take pride in the contracts they make. I don’t think anyone here would submit a contract that they know is impossible. I think most of us choose our special conditions very carefully. I trust all of the regulars here to show fair judgement.

But if contract creators want, and have the time, to prove they can SA their hard contract, I won’t say no.

@Silverballer, out of curiosity, did you abide by your own special conditions when you made this contract?


I’m giving it a go soon, I don’t have any high hopes on completing this one. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did abide by the conditions, but it took me one restart lol


Yeah that went as I expected, I died :smile:

I want to retry it with instinct on but I’m gonna wait until (or if) someone makes a proper run.


I can’t remember but what happens if everyone fails?


It’s up to @Silverballer, the contract creator, to choose the “winner”, based on our performances (or on any other criteria he likes, if he thinks we all suck equally). lol


Well he sucked just as equally too as he had to use a restart to finish his own contract. So we all suck. :rofl::rofl::joy:

Decisions, decisions.


@D1NGdong @David47 since both you two eliminated two targets I’ll leave it to you two to decide which of you posts the next contract.


Ok, I’ll pass it off to @David47 since I eBayed him on the previous one to this. Lol

He says he has a good one so I’m interested on what it is. Lol. But I’ll guess we’ll have to wait until Monday if someone else passes it…somehow.


lol. Thank you. Even though our result was a draw, I’m going to accept your gracious offer, since I have quite a novel contract idea ready to go.

(And assuming nobody else swoops in and completes Silverballer’s contract, naturally. There’s still plenty of time left.)

P.S. My “vampire” contract doesn’t actually involve the vampire-magician disguise, as you might expect. It’s not set in Paris.


Contract Name: “47 Van Helsing”.

Special Conditions:

  1. You must start the mission with this loadout. (Note: However, you can choose any smuggled item you like, and wear any outfit you like.)

  1. You can NOT subdue or kill anyone except for the targets inside the Caruso-mansion grounds. You must leave all Ether employees except for the targets completely unscathed. You are, however, free to subdue or kill NPCs outside of the Caruso grounds.

  2. You must kill the priest following the six steps outlined in the briefing (see above).

Optional Special Condition: It’s not necessary, but if you kill the Bozzuto brothers in the kinds of accidents described in the mission briefing, you receive an additional star (Hitman symbol) to your score. Which means, for example, that if you SA the contract and complete this optional special condition, you receive a 6-star rating from me here in the thread. :grinning:

Advice: If you attempt this optional special condition, don’t take any risks with guards. Don’t assume guards can’t see you because they’re a long way away, or because their backs are turned. Their heads can turn and they can spot you. I know this from experience. Use appropriate distractions and pay attention to where guards are looking, not just to where they’re standing.

This contract expires in one week on Monday, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).

Good luck, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

P.S. You’ll have to right-click and save the briefing description to your computer to be able to read it all. Sorry about that. I wrote a little more than I intended.


Awesome job on that briefing! I think this will be a very interesting EC.


I’d just like to highlight that there’s a difference between “direct sunlight” and shade.

Even outside, you can’t leave the priest’s body in, say, the shadow of a building. You have to leave it warm, direct sunlight. The kind of sunlight you’d be able to sunbathe in.


Holy crap, that was the most extensive briefing I’ve ever seen :smile:
Very well done!

I’m really looking forward to play this one!
I almost wish that this contract was outside of our rules, since I’ll most likely screw up (again) while running around the mansion without the minimap. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really loved this, wasn’t really going for time since I was so into the lore. There was a body discovered, but it was so inconsequential that I’m not bothered at all. Sapienza has been cleansed.

PS4 capture cut off the very beginning, but all you miss is me starting at ICA safe house, picking up napoleon and grabbing a mansion staff disguise in the locker room. There is a cut around 9:20 where I capture video.

I followed all of the rules.


I’m glad you got into the lore that I created. Making players give a damn about NPCs who behave the exact same way every time can be tricky, but I tried my best to give all of the targets some depth.

And well done! You completed the optional special condition, so your score as far as this competition is concerned is 5/6 hitman symbols.

[spoiler]I was pretty nervous when you dragged the body into the garage because I know from repeated playtesting how wrong that can go if you’re not super careful.

And those church boys are a pain, aren’t they? Without instinct they can catch you out really easily unless you have the patience of a saint.[/spoiler]