Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


It was the priest seeing the plumber, just as he walked through the gate.


Oh, right. I thought you’d hidden the plumber well enough that the priest wouldn’t be able to see him, so my mind jumped to the body you’d left on the stairs when you got the “body found” notification. This does make more sense. lol


My fatal mistake was completely not caring about the plumber’s body.


Yeah, part of the reason I chose the plumber as a target was because I was aware of the path the priest took when poisoned. I wanted to scare players into hiding the body properly if they hadn’t already. :smiling_imp:

But, like I said, I thought the plumber in your playthrough was hidden. I thought he was far enough around the corner of the tunnel that the priest wouldn’t notice him. I guess the priest’s vampiric super senses were more powerful than even I knew. Damn you and your crazy science, Ether. lol


@David47 @justnobody

Ya that was a big concern of mine. I didn’t know the priests’ route after being emetic poisoned so I made sure to get rid of the body. I took a very big chance but I think I very well prepared and timed it.

Anyway, my video is up. Im adding it now to my original post with my pic. Enjoy. I hope there are no skipping sections. Luckily I put it on 60 mins.


I watched it. Well done. I could feel the tension when you were looking for a place to dump the body at the end. You and Justnobody actually found a couple of places I didn’t consider, which I’m pleased about, because I wanted to make a contract that presented a challenge but still gave the player a lot of options to do it his way.


Lol. Man, I had some good tension in a lot of spots cuz I wanted to be as safe as I could. Not going into trespassing zones unless I was 100% safe. Like the wait for the priest. Or the plumber. And hiding the plumber. And man, almost getting spotted by both the plumber and priest when I first touched them. I was thinking about that the whole time when I had to get the priest outside. “Don’t F up and see if either of those incidents got you spotted”. Luckily it didn’t.

I was honestly thinking of KOing many others just to get him where I did. But I felt safe once one npc was out of the way.

I still am loving this contract. I’m gonna let my twitter friends try it. They won’t play with the same rules as us as they are not full time hitman players really but they really enjoyed the bust head story contract you made (and I tweaked a bit :grimacing:). This one needs no tweaking. It’s pure perfection. Great job with the write up and stipulations. I’m only pissed off about my mistake on the older brother kill. I don’t know why I did it but it just made sense since I knew he was an alcoholic.


As you say, the way you killed him actually makes sense. He could have been sick in the toilet after drinking too much and then passed out with his head in the bowl, drowning himself.

But, as I’m sure you understand, I can’t change the rules. I have to be fair to everyone. :slight_smile:

I also didn’t want to force people to bring the emetic syringe. I wanted to leave the smuggled-item slot optional. Players already had to bring an entire basket of drugs to kill the priest. lol


No no, dude. I wasn’t asking to change the rules. I was just upset at myself at not looking over the rules again, specifically that brother. Totally my fault.

But I was saying that at that moment, I recalled that he was an alcoholic but I couldn’t recall what his specific accident kill must be. So I was just thinking logically and what I did made sense to me.

But I’m also not saying what rule you made on him didn’t make sense or mine made more sense than yours, because yours makes total sense. It’s just I didn’t think of your accident at that moment so I went with my gut. But I guess I was wrong. :blush:


Oh, I wasn’t suggesting you wanted a rule-change; I know you didn’t. I was just agreeing that your way made sense, too.

If my special condition had been: “Kill the older brother in an accident that makes him look like he was drunk out of his mind,” I definitely would have approved of your solution.

I’m just toying with a new contract idea now, so that I have something decent ready to go the next time I win. (Or the next time I draw with you and you let me create the contract. lol)


Haha. Ok cool. Can’t wait for your next adventure in the world of dementia. :rofl:


lol. It’s so funny you said that. I just came up with this mental idea for my next contract. You guys are going to love it or hate it. Possibly both. But, either way, I can guarantee it’s original.


I say we make David the full time contract creator. Hahah


Ha. I appreciate that … and I know you’re joking, but I couldn’t handle the pressure, anyway. I can only make something decent when I feel inspired. The thing that inspired me to make the vampire contract was this horrific little tableau of human skulls in the church basement. I figured the priest had a pretty dark secret.

I would have liked to make the contract on the Landslide map. The setting sun and shadowy church lighting made it spookier, more atmospheric, but I didn’t like the NPC placement and I couldn’t enter the mansion.


I followed all of the rules!… but I can’t prove it :cry:

I’ve never bothered changing the recording time on the PS4 and most of these contracts I either finish or fail within 5 minutes but when I saw the mission timer racing towards 15 minutes I realized that I wouldn’t be able to finish it in time…
So I only got the boring part of me trying to find a church key and waiting around for the priest to go and have a drink

The part in the mansion worked out pretty well actually, I honestly followed the special conditions for the Bozzuto brothers but I don’t have any proof :expressionless:

Anyway, this was probably one of my favorites so far, even though I generally prefer “short” contracts and perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t mess up early that made me more relaxed and not to focused on the mission timer.

Here’s my run, or at least 65% of it…

If you can’t be bothered to watch 15 minutes of a guy running around the church basement/sewers at least watch from 4:56 when I intend to sneak in to the priests private room but get to excited and get suck on the door :stuck_out_tongue:


I just watched your video, chilly. Nice work, BUT, I think you made an oopsie. Which would make your run a fail :grimacing: You didn’t slay the beast properly. I PM’d David and asked him to judge whether it’s good or not. But I have a bad feeling about it based on the backstory.

EDIT: I just checked for you. His body is no longer there. Apparently he’s still alive and he’s back to work.


For long recordings, I like to set a timer for 14 minutes and stop to capture video at that point. With my run in here, it still cut off 1-2 minutes from the beginnng but I got pretty much the whole thing doing that.


I noticed that my video did not skip. I’ve also noticed that for the last couple of weeks, I have had no skipping in any of my videos. What I know from talking to PlayStation support, rebuilding the database in safe mode could fix issues/bugs in the firmware.

Try it out. My video setting was at 60 mins and when I rewatched it, it didn’t skip and I’ve be bee suffering from video skipping since mid November.


I just watched your full video and, tactically speaking, you did beautifully well. :slight_smile:

However, @D1NGdong is correct, I’m afraid. You shot the priest in the head and the heart with a regular gun, not with the custom 5mm and silver-nitrate bullets specified in the briefing description. There’s an outside chance Count Francesco can regenerate from that hit and return to his murderous ways, so with a very heavy heart I have to disqualify you. I’m sorry. lol

I hope you enjoyed yourself, though, despite the contract being longer than you’d normally like. I’m not usually a fan of lengthy contracts, either. I just got totally carried away with this one.

:smile: God damn vampires. Making 47’s job a literal pain in the neck since 2017.


Dang. That’s too bad. Chilly would have had the only 6 star SA.