Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Yep. 'Tis a shame. It was a very easy mistake to make considering how much info. I asked people to remember.

You get good bragging rights, though, @Chillyschrimp, even if I can’t technically give you the win. :relieved:

(Not that anyone in here brags. Everyone’s too good a sport for that, I’m pleased to say. lol)


Dammit!! Lol :smile:

That’s typical (for me), I read the briefing 5 times before starting and I even paused a couple of times when dealing with the brothers to make sure I did the correct accident on each of them :slight_smile:

I even hesitated when picking up the Bartoli but figured it could be useful if I wanted to distract someone.

I’ve very rarely used the custom pistol and I did react to it being so loud when I shot the priest but I never thought twice about which gun I selected. I guess I was just so releaved I made it that far and lost my focus :blush:

@D1NGdong hehe hopefully you killed him properly during your revisit to Sapienza since I messed up :wink:

@justnobody sigh dude, you are making me feel even more stupid… of course I should have saved the video mid-run. Man I’m not cut out for these competitions, my brain seems to stop working when I’m under pressure. :smile:

Oh well, the contract was great David and I’m happy I finished it SA even if I failed to kill the vampire. But then again, thats how you open up for a sequal, Hollywood-style… :slight_smile:


Haha. Love it. Totally agree!!!


lol. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think Mr Francesco will be recovering from your hit for quite a while. You completed 90% of the steps, and, depending on how long he was baking in the Sapienza sunlight, he’s probably going to be cooped up in a dark room for over a year, feeding on rats, like Tom Cruise’s character in “Interview with a Vampire” after Kirsten Dunst betrayed him. You’ve made him suffer terribly for his crimes.

And, yeah, I think this story thread has some sequel potential. I might make branching contracts: one for the people who slew the vampire, and one, slightly different, for those who didn’t. I’ll show BioWare how choices and consequences are supposed to work. :smile:

P.S. Don’t actually hold me to this. I’ll probably be too lazy when the time rolls around. lol


I am holding you to that haha, I like the idea of creating targets where just killing them isn’t enough, you have to do multiple steps to keep them dead. Please make more!


If – hypothetically speaking – I made branching contracts to continue this story, would everyone be OK with that? Would you mind competing in different missions? Because the playing field wouldn’t be fair. One contract is bound to be slightly more difficult than the other.


Meh, I’d rather they were all the same. As long as there isn’t too much of a difficulty gap.


Well, if just one person isn’t happy with it, I really shouldn’t do it, because it’s tampering with the established format of the competition. And I’m no longer in a position to hold votes or make executive decisions.

Not that I would executively decide to do this if I could. It’s a throwaway novelty idea, not something that makes the competition better as a whole. lol


@D1NGdong what have you got for us?


Well done, @D1NGdong. You are the victor. Van Helsing and Blade and Buffy and all of the other vampire slayers would be proud.


Damn, sorry guys, I totally forgot and didn’t get a chance to post. I’ll have one soon in a few hours. If someone has one and wants to post before me, go ahead. Otherwise I’ll post one in a bit when I can get online.


Sorry again guys for the late post. Monday was a holiday here in Canada and I was out most of the day and forgot. I was even on the forums and didn’t even see the tags you gave me. 1 days late but here’s the contract.

Rules are in the breifing. But Just one adjustment. Exit should be with suit. So if you change, don’t forget to recover it on your way out.

edit: also, just to be clear, can’t ko even the targets. It has to be a straight up kill.


I’m streaming the contract now m8 ;):


That’s a clever idea, putting the special conditions in the briefing so that people can look them up mid-mission.


Hey, cheese. I was watching. Don’t know why you killed hourself on purpose. The competition isn’t only about SA. It’s about score. Maybe you should have killed him without killing yourself then you could have escaped. Your score could have still gave you the win if nobody else can do it or get a better score. Lots of screw ups happen and you had a very good strategy. Oh well.

But I ended up leaving when you said fuck the rules. Haha.


~Sorry for that m8 :frowning: I was kinda raging lol butI had failed right at the beggining because I accidentaly KOd kurt before killing him anyway :slight_smile:


Ya, since there wasn’t much, and I didn’t have a backstory, I decided to post them there. I thought of this idea just as I made the contract. I had no story so put the rules instead. Lol


Yes thats correct. I must of just missed that part. You can’t KO anyone. Not even the targets. It has to be a straight up kill. So you must chose your smuggle item wisely. :slight_smile:



Wha happen?