Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


[spoiler]Yeah, I looked over my shoulder and thought I was clear on that front, too, but I guess not. Someone must have walked by at the wrong time. The timing has to be so precise there.

Or maybe it was extreme head-turning as Silverballer suggests.[/spoiler]


I followed all of the rules!

I was sooo close to completing this with SA rank. I got spotted when I went for the hard drive (one of the guards came out of the smaller room in the security room when I entered.).

I also took a detour while searching for the crowbar, I spent the better part of an evening last week trying to complete one of the featured contracts where I used it repeatedly and can’t believe I forgot where it was :blush:

I’m still happy with my run up until the point where I got spotted, I didn’t really have a plan for which order to go about the objectives but things worked out nicely.

Since there seems to be a common interest in seeing unsuccessful runs as well as SA ones I uploaded it, even though it wasn’t win material.
For some reason the PS4 cut the first 30 seconds…


Aw, damn it! [spoiler]There are two crowbars in Japan (I think). I just found the other one while replaying Silverballer’s contract! I actually went to the right location in my official run (the place where the pilot stows his drugs). It was where I thought it was all along, I just forgot exactly where in the room!

The only thing worse than being “wrong”, is actually being right and thinking you’re wrong, and therefore being stupid, to add insult and injury to failure. :rage::laughing:

P.S. Just watched the rest of Chillyschrimp’s video. Of course everyone knew about this crowbar but me. lol[/spoiler]


Theres only that one crowbar in Japan :wink:


Wonderful. I made this contract fifty times harder for myself than it had to be. In fact, I made it impossible, because I was looking for a non-existent crowbar. No wonder I was developing a nervous twitch while playing, as I returned to the same areas over and over again, descending steadily into a spiral of insanity. Note to self: recon all maps thoroughly before elusives ever arrive. :blush:


I didn’t use it myself for this, but if you want to save time on recon in the future hitmanmaps would be good.


By “recon”, I just mean play more often, really, and pay more attention to what is where. lol

Everyone here has more experience than me. I haven’t even got full mastery on three maps.

Edit: Oh, “Hitmanmaps” is a website? Sorry, I didn’t realize because there was no “.com” at the end or anything. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


Going now. :crossed_fingers:



Good luck.

Hint: The crowbar isn’t in the surgeon’s locked office. Don’t spend thirty minutes trying to get in there. Very easy mistake to make. lol


The surgeon’s locked office? How on earth did you get the idea it was there :laughing:


Dead. Lolololololololol

I didn’t think I was gonna pass this anyhow. I’ve never seen this disposable scrambler so getting it would not be easy for me.


Good job, dude. Great thinking. It was actually very easy if you get that disguise and do that to get to the doctor. But how easily we forget what we’ve done before when we first get the map. Lol.


I know where the crowbar is but I won’t need it. Lolol.


Ha. It’s OK. I give everyone who plays a contract a “like”, as I’m sure everyone’s noticed. Participation is what matters … and if people fail more embarrassingly than I do, well, that’s just a bonus! I’d give them two likes for that if I could, for making me feel better about myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:neutral_face: I honestly don’t know. It doesn’t make the least bit of sense. I’m going to check my head for bumps. Maybe I suffered a blunt-force trauma and momentarily lost my common sense along with my short-term memory before switching my PS4 on yesterday.


The Strandberg Conspiracy
ID 2-06-6674200-23

Good afternoon. Tensions are high in Marrakesh, and there is concern that the Swedish consulate will be overrun by protestors shortly. Markus Landen is working with his trusted colleague, Jan, on a plan to hand Clause Strandberg over to proper channels to prevent any risk of a violent breach.

Our client wants you to stop them. It is stressed that you don’t create a panic inside of the consulate, be discreet 47.


Eliminate Jan Dragsstrom
Eliminate Markus Landen


You must start at the Bazaar entrance.
No explosions inside the consulate.


Does explosions include breach charges?


Not by themselves, no. Just not allowed in combination with a louder explosive device.


Alright. Looks good!


I followed all the rules.

What a fool I am. I roleplayed it and timed all of my moves precisely, but I forgot to equip my lethal syringe and ended up accidentally choking Mr Bluesuit. Luckily, amazingly, my timing was so precise that the two women in the room didn’t notice what I was up to, and I was able to subdue the target, break his neck, and leave before either of them turned around. lol

So in conclusion: It should have been a lot better, but it could have been a lot worse. :sweat_smile:


Going now. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:have an idea what to do but no idea where these targets are.