Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


You cheeky bastard @justnobody. I believe I found your trick? Was it intentional? If it was, that’s brilliant.

Video uploading. Will update this post with it when it’s ready.


Here’s my run:

I totally came across this trick by accident. Didn’t even know it was possible until I came across it. But if this was your idea behind the target, @justnobody, I gotta say that was brilliant. Cuz he’s a Targets that is almost impossible to get on this type of contract that we are doing. And the only way I do find it was cuz I didn’t feel safe in any other disguise other that Konny’s. So I raced to get him.

But here’s my full run. Hopefully it doesn’t skip.

And here’s my speedrun (1:04).


You crafty bastard. That was not my intention. but it’s way better. The ways I tested out basically involved killing Markus with either a lethal vial/syringe, or stowing him under the stairs after an emetic like you almost did. You just found an infinitely cooler way of doing it, that really I don’t think anybody’s ever done to my knowledge. Awesome run.


[spoiler]Wow. That’s crazy. Could it have been a bug? I gotta try it again, and on others. And ya, I think that’s the first time anyone has done that.

Ya, you gotta be super lucky to bring that lethal vial. And as cool as that Kill was, it could have been all ruined when I was on my way back from the basement. I couldn’t remember if there was a rat poison anywhere else and that one guard patrolling almost had me.

And even getting Konny’s disguise wasn’t as easy cuz I remember during duck duck moose and moose moose duck, that I got spotted many times by konny when I dropped the gun cuz he would rotate his torso quite far at times so I had to time it while praying. Lol.

And then when he went to puke in the bin and the cop was there, I literally had no idea what to do with him cuz I knew I needed that syringe for the other guy upstairs. Seriously, how lucky was I? Lolol. And stupid me, trying to lure him downstairs could have got me spotted as I’m not sure if that’s a trespassing area for that disguise. [/spoiler]

Anyways, these were cool targets.


The stairs idea was actually good, you just need that guard to be away for it to work. Alternatively, if there was no syringe available for Jan, I envisioned luring him into the massage room after KO’ing the guard and hiding him to the side. Just so there is a second option for him.


There is another way, I just remembered. And would have been a whole lot faster too.


I followed all of the rules!

And this time I f*cking proud of myself :smiley:

The consulate is a bitch when NPC-icons are turned off and even if I have played quite a few contracts/escalations in Marrakesh I had a couple of scares during my run, (especially with the janitor on the second floor and the security guard in the stairs when I was heading for the exit, even though he wasn’t an enforcer).
I could have shaved a couple of minutes if I would have been bold enough to get one of the targets before he went into a more public area.

I also got a bit confused while exiting the mission since I “thought” I got the car keys for the basement, but I was a bit unsure so I went for a safer exit :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit:fixed the video link


Ya, it is a headache to be there with npc icons off, UNLESS, you did what I did and get almost pure immunity. :slight_smile:

I’m going to watch your video now. I’m wondering how you got mr blue suit. If you haven’t seen mine, I suggest you do it. The kill is fricken awesome, and I did it by accident. :joy:


[spoiler]Ah, you got to hear some of Jan’s phone call to Dennis! He says at one point that him and his boss are working on “making the angry people happy”, I imagined Markus as his boss for a lore tie in.

edit: Oh my god, when you’re almost caught at around 9:40. That looked scary.[/spoiler]


I dont know why I didn’t bring both poison syringes. Lol. 2 targets should have been a simple decision. But if I did, then I wouldn’t have found something unique with my mr blue suit kill. lol

Good job, btw. A lot of risky things but you made it.


Ya, and what if that cop when going down the stairs was an enforcer. Would have all been wasted. Lol.


Like I said I had couple of scares, the janitor was the only (actual) close call but I almost freaked out when I ran into the security guard on the stairs. i thought my run was over at that point :grin:


Two days left, for anyone that still wants to take a go. chilly’s currently in the lead.


Hopefully he has a good one. I’m really enjoying these.


The next contract is going to be tricky for me. My sister’s dog bit my trigger finger, and it’s painful to use. I’ll have to roleplay that 47 was injured on a mission and now struggles to aim his gun and choke people out.

I take these special conditions to the next level. lol


I definitely didn’t pay your sisters dog to take you down


I rarely win so I don’t have the same experience as many others here when it comes to creating contract :wink:

I honestly find it quite stressful to create competitive contracts. I don’t want to make anyone feel like they have wasted their time playing a contract.

But if I win I will try to make a good one :stuck_out_tongue:


Well start creating now cuz I don’t think anyone else is going to play. Hehe.


Sorry I won’t play this week, will try next week


We both live in the same country, so it’s possible you’ve been in contact with him. I’ll have to interrogate him to make sure you’re not pulling his strings.

I’m inclined to believe you, though. I’m not the greatest player so I don’t think anyone would feel they had to sabotage my chances of winning. lol


Don’t be an NFL quarterback. "Ow, my pinky. I can’t play."