Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


My index finger. Far, far more serious. The pinky is only used for drinking tea in a polite, English fashion. The index finger is used for everything, as I’m currently discovering. lol

P.S. I actually used to play American football. I was a pretty-good running back. (“Pretty good”, as in, I couldn’t catch or throw so they had to put me in the one position where I was useful.)


I saw that the previous contracts were published on Sunday but are Mondays still the deadline day?


Ya, I guess sunday is fine since it’s 1 week. We can make that the new posting day.


The contract expiration date is still Monday at 6 pm. GMT, but people have been very eager to post lately.

It’s understandable because we generally know when people have finished playing, but I’d suggest we not drift too far from that date or things will get confusing and people will be asking when they’re supposed to post every week.

The good thing about having a set date: no confusion.

(@D1NGdong suggests changing the date to Sunday, and I’m fine with that if everyone else is. Sunday, Monday … it doesn’t matter. But let’s pick one.)


I, personally, would prefer Sunday to be the finishing date for the contracts.

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Either is fine, ie I don’t care :slight_smile:

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I’m going to post the contract later today but going forward we could follow the result of this poll.


Your next assignment is in Hokkaido

It’s raining (handy)men


I made this contract with @David47 in mind, so I made sure that you can complete it without using your index finger(s).

Please note the kill condition on the targets but other than that you are free to use any starting location and any load out you like.

As of now the poll indicates that Sunday will be the new deadline day (since people voting “either” don’t care and just like to cast a vote :stuck_out_tongue:)

So this contract will expire on Sunday the 18th of June at 6 pm GMT or 1 pm EST


SA/SO, score 169,574.

Deleting the evidence was unnecessary, but I couldn’t remember if I had been recorded or not so I chose to be cautious.


lol. That made me laugh. Thank you very much; that’s very considerate, Chillyschrimp. :slight_smile:

And I read your mission briefing. The last line – “Make it rain, 47” – made me think of this:

Gotta love Tiny Tina. She’d make a great hitman handler in the Borderlands universe. lol

“Use fire. KILL YOUR TARGETS WITH FIRE, FUDGE-FACE! It’s a special condition that I just made up but our client would totally agree. And BURN THEIR BABIES! Doooooo it.” :smile:

Erm … anyway, back on topic …


Hehe, well you probably won’t be able to speedrun it though but that’s not your style anyway :wink:

Nice run @justnobody !

You got the timing right when dumping the first two targets. The guard down there can spot the bodies, I’m not sure if it means lost bonus though.


I don’t think it counts as lost bonus. I’ve noticed a change in kill register that when an NPC has a fall. Before the change the kill will registered (change in music) when the body touch the ground. But right now, the moment the body is pushed or dumped, the kill will be registered immediately right after that. Just recently I guess that the kill register will mark the body as “dead”. I think it’s a way to make sure that dumping unconscious body still count as an accident because the moment the body is dumped -> kill registered -> the body status will change from unconscious to dead. So even if someone spot the body before it touch the ground, it still count as an accident kill.


Ok, thanks for clearing that up. To bad for this contract though since that was one of the things I wanted the player to look out for. But it’s my fault for not testing it first.


Here’s my run:

Already knew where the helicopter target was, but as you can see I had a bit of trouble getting one of the targets to the ledge.

Please, Mr Okamoto. Look at the coin.

Seems like I’m currently leading the bunch :smile:


I got the fastest time, but not the highest score. :frowning:
I’ve done these guys before so I had a feeling where to start. Looked at my map to confirm and then went off. But I haven’t done it in a while so I forgot what I did to get SA. So I totally screwed up. Lol.


My speedrun of this contract. 1:38.


Lol, I hate when the target stands like ten feet away and picks up the coin :smiley:
I usually get that problem when I’m trying to drown someone in a toilet and they almost stand on the other side of the room and picks up the coin. :grin:

Well done nonetheless!

To bad you got spotted @D1NGdong but your speedrun seemed pretty flawless though (imo)!


I’m going to play before the deadline, I’ve just been trying to get full mastery on the map so that I can begin with a proper loadout. If I don’t manage that by tonight, I’ll play it anyway. :slight_smile:


I hope that your finger has healed :slightly_smiling_face:




[spoiler]My start was perfect. I mean, perfect. I started in the restaurant and killed the first two targets in under a minute, because I didn’t hesitate and, luckily, didn’t get spotted.

I thought, “Damn … am I going to win?! That was quick.”

Then I slid down the pipe to head towards the third target, jumped up behind the security guard … aaaand he saw me. Again, my timing was good, but he turns around right away . I should have been more patient, but I was still on a high from beginning so well and wanted to maintain my momentum. Grrr. :rage:

So I got into a fist-fight with him, and then, because I was annoyed at having wasted my glorious opportunity, I was careless knocking out the final guy, alerted a bunch of security men, and went down in a blaze of glory with resentment in my heart. :smile:

But, eh, I had fun and didn’t hurt my finger. It’s something! :upside_down_face:[/spoiler]