Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


So from what I can see in this thread @Silverballer had won this contract!

Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:


And he can post in the next 45mins.


Okay, here’s my contract, it’s the next entry in the short series I’m doing, hope you all enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

Love Triangle
ID: 2-04-0538209-64

Eliminate Pasqualina Moretti in a Fall accident
Eliminate Luca Mannucci in a Fall accident

No mandatory conditions, however it is highly recommended you bring either the ICA audio distraction, mixtape 47 or the ICA explosive phone.


Good evening 47. The hard drive you recovered from GAMA proved to be worth the work; after decrypting it we recovered insider documents from the Italian mafia and more importantly the coordinates for Lorenzetti’s mansion.

Unfortunately, the mansion is heavily guarded and would require large amounts of resources to infiltrate without setting off one of the numerous alarm systems. I have devised a plan that will lure Lorenzetti into public, where you can eliminate him with much less complications.

Your current destination is Sapienza, Italy; also known as ‘The Jewel of the Amalfi Coast’. Lorenzetti’s girlfriend, Pasqualina Moretti, is currently in Sapienza to meet Marco Abiatti to discuss relations between him and Lorenzetti. The first step of the plan is to eliminate her here and make it look like a suicide.

Our intelligence also suggests Moretti is cheating on Lorenzetti with IT magnate Luca Manucci. Eliminate Manucci in the same manner as Moretti to make the hit look more like a double suicide and deflect any paranoia Lorenzetti may otherwise have had.

Security will most likely be relatively lax, however luring Moretti and Manucci to suitable ledges or balconies may prove challenging. I recommend binging some sort of long range audio distraction device.

Good luck 47.


Already did it, 4/5 Hitman symbols, video uploading :slight_smile:


@Silverballer 4/5 HITMAN Symbols - Score: 134,000

Check the description of the video for timestamps :wink:


I knew that I was going to get seen by somebody dumping the second target, but for some dumb reason I decided to chance it. Oh well got out fine.

@Bending_Cheese67 Good thinking with the railing, also I had no idea those coins were there at the beginning.


Guess I’m currently winning huehue :slight_smile:


Damn!!! I knew exactly what to do with the guy as I’ve done him before with a fall accident. and then got super lucky with a bug I believe with the girl. Took my time, cleared my space and got my objectives complete. Went to the exit and exited. and bang!! CAMERA??!?!?!! WTF???

I have to go back to my vid and se where a camera got me cuz I don’t remember anywhere that a camera was.
Anyways, here’s my score. Should have had SA/SO. :sob:


OK, I just completed the first part of this series, “The Death of Nakamoto”, following the special conditions, and attained my rightful place at the very bottom of the leaderboard. Time to move on to Part 2 and show you guys how it’s done. :stuck_out_tongue:


I followed all the rules.

Consider yourselves shown! Man, when did I get so bad at this game? I was never brilliant, but I’ve had a good number of wins in my time here.

I hope you all enjoyed that vampire contract I did a while ago, because you might not be getting anything else from me ever again. lol

On the upside, I made the death look authentically like a “romantic” suicide. This is where both bodies fell.

P.S. Question. Would pushing one of them into the water have counted as an “accidental fall”? I wasn’t sure, so I avoided it. I thought it might have been considered drowning.


@D1NGdong @David47 I might actually win lol :joy: :joy:


Ya, I just watched your video. At first I thought that the girl is bugged, but it seems that she follows the guy to some degree, even if he’s KO’d. So you got unlucky there with that body found.

But good job, what crazy work you did with that BC. Lol.


[spoiler] yes, David. It does count as a fall. Only in Hokkaido spa does that count as a drown. But That’s what I did. But I used the water down the tunnel by the gravesite. I just dragged them into it while they were KO’d.

Looks like that’s where I screwed up. On my exit, I ran past that camera and didn’t even notice that I was spotted by it. Stupid me. Had SA. lol. [/spoiler]


Just saw your vid. That sux!!! You had SA too. I had that same feeling too that you would get spotted and I didn’t know if you would have taken that chance. But you did. lol. Oh well.


You get bonus points from me for making it look realistic :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t really have a plan for this and my improvisation left a lot to be desired :slight_smile:

I got Luca down to the sewers and got rid of the plumbers since my plan (became) was to drag him to the cemetery and dump him from a ledge (the one in the sewer didn’t work unsurprisingly).
But the lady found him (I had no idea she would figure out where he was since she was in another part of the map when I looked for her).
So I had to take out a couple of guards and lost bonus on both body found and spotted.

I’m just glad I didn’t finish last :slight_smile:

If anyone have 11 minutes of their lives to spare, here is a video:


Here’s how I screwed up. Everything up to this moment was SA/SO until I left. I didn’t remember about the camera all cuz I don’t play Landslide that much other than know a few targets here and there (the guy target) and because I was really happy I got SA/SO on this, I didn’t even realize that a camera got me. :upside_down_face:

Here’s a quick clip of my ruined SA. :sob:


Wait … so just putting a target in a puddle counts an “accidental fall”? That’s funny. Did they accidentally “fall” over their shoelaces, knock themselves out on particularly badass, muscular starfish and then drown in two inches of sea water?

OK, I buy it! And that’s why I’m not a detective. Case closed. Let’s go get ice-cream. :smile:

P.S. Yeah, that was really unlucky. It’s so easy to switch off for a second in this game and botch your score. But it’s also that pressure to avoid simple mistakes that makes the game so tense. I hope IO sort things out and get a second season made reasonably soon.


Ya, I did this in Sapienza main map too where there’s lots of more space to get to the water whereas Landslide has a lot of garbage that blocks you.

Only in Hokkaido spa does it count as a drown if you drag a KO’d NPC or KO an NPC and they fall in that water.


Hey. I tried to follow the link to your latest video to watch it, but I can’t because it’s covered with a spoiler tag, and the spoiler tag just vanishes and reappears whenever I click. The spoiler tag also prevents me from copying and pasting the link into the address bar.

Could you please remove said spoiler tag from your video link? Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: