Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Strange, the spoiler-link works for me on my computer and mobile :confused:

@D1NGdong posted it above :slightly_smiling_face:


That is strange. Maybe my computer is just awkward.

Thanks, guys.


I’ve got an idea for a “special event”. Everyone here has the PS4-exclusive “Sarajevo Six” missions, correct?

What if, one week, we play every one of those story contracts, in order, under the rules of this competition? We have just one attempt for each contract, no restarts. “Sarajevo Six: Realistic Mode.” :smiling_imp:

If we die in any one of the contracts, then we fail, period, and we don’t get to play the rest.

The winner would be the player who can complete the most contracts, with the best scores.

(As someone who still hasn’t completed the one in Colorado, I don’t suggest this lightly. But it could be fun. We could even add our own special condition or two, to make the contracts feel a little different this time around. Or not. Whatever people thought was best.)


That sounds fun. I volunteer my first win after my small contract series has finished as the week we do this, assuming the idea does through.


Not bad of an idea. I think what we could do is use kotti’s hitman roulette. Maybe choose the map associated with the SS contract, run the roulette, and have to either A-do what the first target is set at, or 2-be able to choose which one of the two (or 4 in Colorado) kills we want to do. At least it stays random and makes us do something we’ve not done before (likely) and so we don’t choose ourselves. Otherwise we’ll get through it pretty fast, I think.

So for example, I just ran this for Paris. This would be for the Paris SS mission. Start, kill, exit.

What do you guys think?


No thanks. Roulette is hard enough without the restrictions, never mind with them.


Without would be too easy. So I guess it goes both ways. :man_shrugging:


I’m glad you guys are on board, and the roulette thing is interesting, @D1NGdong

But I fear it could make the contracts too difficult, because there are fewer viable methods for killing the Sarajevo Six than for killing the main story targets. I’d also like to maintain a sense of realism, if possible.

I suggest that we, as a group, come up with a special condition or two for each of the contracts: special conditions that make narrative sense. So in a way we’d all be co-creators. Gives us something to talk about until the special event arrives. :slight_smile:

People could make suggestions here.

P.S. Since this is my idea, I’d also be willing to sacrifice one of my wins to make it happen. Although, given my current, awful form. I think Silverballer winning a couple more times is your best bet. lol


Suggestion for a special condition in “The Director” contract:

47 is not allowed to destroy video evidence or surveillance cameras.

Scott Sarno is the best security man in the business for a reason. He’s rigged the mansion’s security network to trigger an alarm if anything is tampered with. Breaking a camera or messing with a computer results in immediate mission failure. If you get spotted by a camera, you must accept the score penalty.


Idk, I think we should just keep the conditions plain. Maybe just no explosion accidents?


Let’s see what everybody thinks. I do think that the conditions should be limited to two or three per contract, max, and that they shouldn’t be confusing.

P.S. I’ll create a separate Word Document to keep track of any special conditions that we agree on as a group, so that there’s no confusion when/if the special event begins. We can all just jump right in and play.

@D1NGdong, randomizing certain, simple things such as starting and exit locations might not be a bad idea. The only thing I really object to is getting too specific with kill conditions, because some of these targets can’t be killed sensibly in certain ways. I think the concept of playing all six contracts under our purist rules is challenging enough. (Well, it is for me! I’ve only completed these contracts once or twice, period. lol)


Alright @Bending_Cheese67, I believe you’re up.


I made this one a while ago… Hope it’s any good :slight_smile:
Fiber Wire/Suit Only:


I think I had a brain aneurysm when I fired those shots at 4:25. Score 178,968


I’m moving to a new appartment this week so I will probably not have time to participate in this contract.

Regarding the suggestion of using Sarajevo Six I don’t like any of those contracts (maby with the exepction of Hokkaido) but it could be fun with the right restrictions.


I followed all the rules.

I was really proud of myself, until I checked the leaderboard and discovered that I was fifteen minutes slower than everyone else. lol

Although most of those will be speed runs and mine was a first, purist attempt, so I’m still pleased. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed myself. When I focus and things go reasonably well, these contracts really do give me the sense of realistic tension that I wanted from official elusives.


@Bending_Cheese67, I hope you don’t mind, but I took the libery of writing a briefing for the current contract, because there wasn’t one and I was in the mood. :slight_smile:

Diana Burnwood: "Good afternoon, 47.

"By now I’m sure you’ve read the paltry target profiles that I forwarded to your laptop, and you’d be forgiven for thinking: ‘Why would anyone want these seemingly harmless Ether employees dead?’

"I was curious, too, so I, er … bent ICA rules and ran a covert background check on the client, who was posing as an Ether board member and heavily implying that our marks are involved in corporate espionage – but he lied, on both counts.

"The client’s real name is Igor Schmidt. He’s a delusional psychotic with a surprisingly high IQ who venerates the ICA, and you in particular. Apparently, you killed his wife in 2013 for an entirely unrelated matter, and freed him from an abusive and loveless marriage, whilst cleaning your tracks so well that he was never implicated in the murder.

"Since that time, Igor has dreamt of establishing his own assassination agency, based on ours, and he wants to make you his first recruit. All you have to do is pass his little test – eliminating four, randomly selected, targets as quietly as possible.

"Well, almost randomly selected. They are all, in Mr Schmidt’s opinion, terrible husbands and/or wives, and therefore deserving of punishment.

“The circumstances are peculiar, and a little troubling, I confess. Perhaps it’s best if we abort. Your thoughts?”

Agent 47: “Is the money good?”

Diana Burnwood: “Yes. As I said, despite his psychological issues, the client is intelligent and his income is (mostly) above board.”

Agent 47: “Greenlight the contract. I’d hate to disappoint a fan.”

Diana Burnwood: “If you’re certain. Should I also arrange a personal meet-and-greet with Mr Schmidt later this month? I’m sure he’d be ecstatic to meet his idol in person.”

Agent 47: “If you think that’s necessary, I won’t object. I am a giver.”

Diana Burnwood: “Indeed you are, 47. Indeed you are. Good luck.”


Going for my run in a few mins. I’ll be back with the results in a bit. :crossed_fingers:


I have to disqualify myself from this contract. I already have looked at it cuz cheese tagged me in the contracts thread with this same contract. Didn’t realize it was the same one.


But anyhoo, here’s my speedrun if it. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to try it the way we are playing them.

Avoiding thumbnail for spoilers.