Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Grr. 63,782(3 hitman symbols)
Got a turn around bug on the cleaning lady. I lured her with the coin & everything but rushed in to subdue her before she went back into the study area which is probably why the turn around happened as the prompt won’t have had time to appear. She was my last target as well.
Time taken 11:58

Oh well I enjoyed it & think I’m back in the mood for more of these.
This Sarajevo six thing sounds fun but not sure about combining it with hitman roulette as much as I like hitman roulette as agree it would probably turn into a lure fest rather than a more realistic approach. :slight_smile:


Also slightly off topic but to satiate my need for more of this kind of challenge I played the Paris Sarajevo six mission with these rules but had an added restriction of not using any kind of map so I had to explore the level to find the target. Only took me 18 mins & got four Hitman symbols due to emetic syringe not working on his body guard :slight_smile:


Am I allowed to change disguises?


Well, I completed it with 184,956 points. Didn’t record because I had to pause for a while halfway though and it’s such a short vid after that it’s not worth putting on YouTube. I did end up changing to another disguise so if that was against the rules then I’ve failed lol.


I didn’t see any rules. So by that, I think you’re fine.


Does this one finish Sunday & is the next one up Sunday as well? I’ve been out of the loop for a bit :slight_smile:


Yes, every Sunday at 6 p.m. GMT is the new expiration date for contracts. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you back, for as long as you want to play. Good thing about this is that people can drop in and out whenever they like …


Great, shall be back to play the next one :slight_smile:


Psst, whispers Its after 6pm Gmt.
Just saying
I think @Silverballer may have won :slight_smile:


Okey, I’ll get my contract ready.


If anything’s unclear @ me :slightly_smiling_face:

Personal Insecurity
ID: 2-05-4080314-64

Eliminate Romano Greece
Blow up the video tapes


  • You must remain in your suit at all times.
  • If you are compromised, you must kill all witnesses.
  • When blowing up the recordings, you must be present in the same room as the recordings and you must use the Remote CX Demo Block. Be cautious with the blast radius.


Good evening 47. The plan worked. Lorenzetti is arriving in Sapienza for his wife’s funeral soon, but we have one more step in the preparation to kill him.

His head of security, Romano Greece, is currently assessing Sapienza for security risks. If youwere to eliminate him security will almost certainly be less organised and easier to break during the final hit.

We should also take out the main security system Greece has installed in the Town Hall. It is currently unguarded so taking it out now would be a lot easier than taking it out later.

However Lorenzetti’s security systems have state of the art anti-hacking software protecting them, and they are also bullet and bomb proof. Our technical department has a bomb specifically for situations like this but the bomb is very loud, and the detonation device must be close to the bomb when it is set off, so be careful for approaching guards.

After this task your next assignment will be to eliminate Lorenzetti himself.


Can I blow the video tapes that I choose??


So video tape then target? :slight_smile:


Either way works.

@Bending_Cheese67 there’s only one set of video tapes in the Icon.


Oh, I thought it was normal sapienza kappa, also, can I do the objectives in the order I want to?


Yeah, any order you please. I reccomend taking out the target first because the whole map goes to shit when you set of the explosion.


Failed. It was a funny fail tho… I will upload soon :slight_smile:


I took this rule too seriously… Here’s my fail:



Well, I failed, but I also happened to take the no witnesses thing a bit to seriously also. So I cut the video to right after I planted the explosives as before that was a lot of wondering around. I managed to detonate without arising suspicion(maybe due to film set explosions happening at the same time?)
Anyway, it soon went bad but I certainly went down swinging & took a whole load of witnesses with me :slight_smile: Enjoy