Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Damn, I have to get full mastery in Colorado before I can play this. I haven’t got the remote demo block.

And it is the usual video-evidence recorder in the town hall that we have to destroy, isn’t it, @Silverballer? Just confirming before I blow up the wrong thing.


Do you have the proximity block? You can use that, but you’ll have to either have a non-target kill or arm it and run.

And yeah, it’s that recorder.


Yes, @David47. Only cam system in the icon map.
Also, you can get the remote CX. I can’t recall where that is but it might be easier if it’s on an easier map.


Well we have to be in the same room when we detonate the bomb anyway … so … could I just use the proximity demo block and shoot it? Same effect, I believe.


You could. He jus asks we use the CX block. Either one should suffice.


They’re both heavy-duty bombs. I don’t think I’d get any kind of advantage, so I’m hoping that’s OK.


That’s perfectly fine.


Thanks. Let’s just say Diana couldn’t get hold of a detonator device in time, and my 47 has to improvise. lol


“Your” 47? There’s only one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What?! I thought we were all slightly different, parallel universe, versions of 47. My 47 is ridiculously patient and clearly not as well prepared as everyone else’s. lol

I think my universe’s ICA is slightly underfunded, to be honest. I’m blaming it on that.


That’s why they couldn’t mount a direct hit on the mansion :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you’re being ridiculous. :upside_down_face:


I was playing “Dishonored 2” before this. I have a no-reloads rule, to make it more realistic, but I quit because I got spotted by literally everybody. 'Twas disheartening. I hope this hit goes better. :roll_eyes: lol


OK, I got spotted and escorted away through the area where Dino is filming. Which witnesses do I have to kill? Just the guard who spotted me, or EVERYBODY who saw my walk of shame? lol

I bombed the security tape and got away cleanly! But I’ve actually never been to the area of the map where the target is before. Well, not without running and gunning my way through.


The sadist in me says kill everyone but I guess the guy who caught you would be fine. As far as the others know you’re just an overzealous Dino Bosco fan. :slight_smile:


I believe being escorted out doesn’t get you compromised so he is not a witness to a crime. You just did something wrong, but not illegal. Compromised would mean he would be orange in instinct and if you are anywhere near him, he will arrest/shoot you.

So in this scenario, there are no witnesses to kill.


Oh, it’s far, far too late for that. :blush:

This is the final part of my run. No editing.

The moral: Never give up, people. Never give up. And do not screw with Agent 47. lol


Just want to clarify, I like the comment, not the video. Didn’t watch it. :+1:


No problem. I do the same. I like people’s videos and results posts when I see them, then I go back to actually watch videos after I’ve finished my own blind run.


You really did take the “eliminate all witnesses” thing literally. Major credit for that. :sweat_smile:

I just got to the point where I figured I’d ask Diana to nuke Sapienza from orbit after I was safely away.