Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


As funny as that run was, there was definitely some witnesses, so you’re disqualified I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t have to kill those people, they didn’t count as witnesses :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured as much, but I canonically survived, so I’m feeling good. lol

I haven’t seen Justnobody’s successful run yet. I’ll watch it after I’ve had a couple more tries. It was a cool, challenging contract, and I’d like to get a better result on my own before moving on to the final episode.


A nuke certainly would solve the problem though would completely screw the timeline as the icon is set before world of tomorrow :slight_smile:


Man my return to this competition could not have gone any worse :smiley:

I think it was a bug because a security guard turned towards me while I was in cover and he would not go away. I threw a coin but he didn’t care :roll_eyes:

So I tried to sneak away but of course he spotted me… since it was in the start of my attempt I quickly gave up (due to the kill all witnesses restriction) and decided to try out 47s new invincibility features…

I’m sorry for the voice over, I was in a party while recording and didn’t realize that the party sound would be included in the video.
So not only will you see my failed run but you get to listen to some guys speaking swedish while playing Modern Warfare :slight_smile:


Yeah, you definitely got a bug. That was unlucky. I think most of us would have let you restart because it happened so early on, but it shows how much you respect the rules that you didn’t. :slight_smile:

So was 47 made less squishy in an update? I’m out of the loop. That would make sense because I was amazed I survived that shootout in my own run. I don’t think I’ve ever been that outnumbered and lived before.


Yeah, 47 is a tank now. The guards fire slower as well.


You got the telepathic guard I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

Since a lot of people have been getting confused, I must say that being found tresspassing or being spotted by an enforcer does not count as gaining witnesses. Witnesses are NPCs that have compromised you and are Orange (this includes frontal throw and legshot victims).


Cool. I think it’s better that he’s a bit tougher, personally. You should feel like a badass playing as 47, not like the squishiest little white mage healer ever and a worse shot than every mall cop in the room. Before, the cops fired their pistols like they were fully automatic uzis. lol

Besides, Hitman is a stealth/puzzle game and you can still royally screw up your result if you die or not … as I demonstrated with my whoppingly impressive “0”.


You mean the same way we can do too? :roll_eyes:
So now let’s turn our shooting speed down too. :rofl:


Yeah, but the cops fired that way 100% of the time, and with perfect accuracy.

Like I said, I think IO made the right decision. And I like hard games. I usually play games on the most extreme difficulty setting available, and I’m the one who came up with the rules of this contest, which many former players found too punishing.

If 47 now seems like Wolverine to us, it’s only because we day-one players have gotten so used to how weak and vulnerable he was before. I’m sure any new player would say 47 has a reasonable amount of health.

It’s not as if IO reintroduced point-shooting from “Absolution” and turned 47 into a god.

P.S. Although I will say that the very best solution would have been to give us an option in the options menu to turn damage to “normal” (as it is now) or “extreme” (as it was before the recent update). Letting players customize the level or challenge they desire is always preferable.


@D1NGdong, I just did some playtesting, and I’ll concede that I do think 47 should die a tiny bit faster. I don’t think the cops should shoot quicker, but 47 should have, like, 15% less health.

OK, I’m going to drop this debate now. This isn’t the place for it, but I just learned it was a thing. Soz. All eyes back on Silverballer’s cool contract. :slight_smile:


We are off topic here. Hehe


Definitely deserved a restart.
Maybe the next contract should be on that guard. Seeing as he’s psychic maybe something involving the crystal ball.
Maybe call it Psychic Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est? :slight_smile:


Wow. Totally forgot about this. Gonna give it a go now. :crossed_fingers:
But the icon map? Maybe I’ll pass (j/k). I really despise it. Lol.

Here goes nothing. Need to go over the rules again. Then I’m off.


I need say nothing more. Lol


lol. Don’t sweat it. Seems like most of us got confused this week. We all thought we were playing, “John Wick: The Videogame”. Only @Justnobody remembered he was playing HItman.


@justnobody, you are the wiener. Post your contract, you hot dog. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Make sure that you pick the right contract, there’s a botched submission with the same title.

Hunting at the Himmapan
ID 2-08-9862188-23

Good evening, 47. Your targets are a pair of serial killers wanted for questioning regarding several international incidents. They never return for questioning, and as such have proved difficult in apprehending.

It seems that Dexy Barat became aware of their activities at some point and is keeping incriminating information in her bedroom safe. Dexy is not a target, but our client wants the safe contents. You are instructed to kill the targets with a kitchen knife, for unspecified reasons.

Eliminate Christopher Lees
Eliminate Bailey Rees
Retrieve the USB stick from Dexy’s bedroom safe

Must start at Riverside Landing or 47’s suite

A couple of notes for this contract:
The safe can be opened via breaching charge
Disguise enforcers are in some tricky places, be careful


Grrr. I had a nice gameplan. Killed both targets silently with the kitchen knife, then feeling good headed for the exit … ony to realize after wasting a couple of minutes that I’d forgotten to grab the intel. from the safe. Got found suspicious in my haste to get back to Dexy’s room … where I’m currently standing, in a state of confusion, because there’s no safe here.

I have no idea where it is.