Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


It’s in her room :stuck_out_tongue: are you sure you’re in the right room?


Are you in the correct room? Last I remember it was on the left hand side near the wall??


Thanks, guys. I was in the wrong room. My lack of experience on the maps strikes again. I was in the room with the guitar. I remembered it as Dexy’s because I’d choked her out there before. I’ve actually never been in Dexy’s room before. Just found it.

This one really stings. I was playing to win. I spent about fifteen minutes beforehand rehearsing my first steps in my mind, and it totally paid off: the actual hits couldn’t have gone better. Now I’m just annoyed. :rage: lol

Edit: I cleaned up as well as I could, and got 4/5 stars, with a ridiculous twenty-minute-plus time again because I spent so much time backtracking, standing around and searching for the safe.

My run is still official because I did find the correct room on my own … eventually. :roll_eyes:


Just a little review …

Is everyone here happy with having one contract a week? I do think it’s better and more manageable than having a new contract every two days, like before, but, in my experience, a week can also drag a bit if you complete a contract early on. I’ve sometimes found myself eagerly anticipating a new contract that won’t arrive for four or five days.

We could bump the number of contracts up to TWO a week, if people prefer, with, say, one deadline on Wednesday at 6 GMT, and one on Sunday, also at 6, for the sake of simplicity.

Here’s a nice poll through which people can let their preferences be known. (I left out the “I don’t mind either way” option, because it doesn’t really tell us anything. If everyone votes “I don’t mind either way” then the poll becomes pointless, and we’d just continue as we have been. Better to ask people to make a concrete decision, so that the overall consensus is clear.)

  • I like having ONE elusive target a week
  • I would prefer TWO elusive targets a week.

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I voted for one a week.
Last week I finished it early on & I think I tried the prior weeks early too & wanted to do another but I also had more time.
This week I have less time & of course there are new featured contracts to play. I probably won’t play this week’s until tomorrow morning.

That said it’s always nice to have more things to play so I wouldn’t complain about 2 a week I just might not get to play every one. :slight_smile:


That’s fine. There are definitely pros and cons to both options. I’m torn myself.

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

P.S. I haven’t voted yet. I’ll vote later today. I didn’t want people to feel as though I was swaying them in either direction. I just want people’s honest opinions for the good of the competition.


This is how my run was supposed to go … and it did go almost exactly like this up until I killed the second target, when things fell apart because of my silly assumption that the contract was complete, and because of my inability to locate the safe room.

(Plus, even the good part of my original run was, naturally, a bit slower because I had to locate the targets on the map. Here I didn’t.)


Well I would like two myself, because I tend to play these contracts immediately. But I know that some people like to wait a few days before submiting and this might get in the way of that flow. Still voted two.

Edit: @David47 If you haven’t seen Dexy’s safe before now, that means you’ve been depriving yourself of one of he game’s most awesome kill opportunities. I demand that you go to Club 27 and do Fade to Black :stuck_out_tongue:


@justnobody, I haven’t completed that opportunity, no. I might try it now, since I have the time and I’m familiar with the map after playing your contract. :slight_smile:

And regarding the poll: I suggest leaving it open until Wednesday, and then, if “two contracts a week” wins, and if there are no serious objections, we can make make 6 p.m. on Wednesday the deadline for this contract and the winner can post a new one that will last until Sunday, and so on.

But let’s see what happens first. This place is group-run, so people must be satisfied before changes occur.


@justnobody, I did “Fade to Black”. It was cool. 47’s clearly a better shot when he’s sitting down than when I’m controlling him standing up. I then threw a proximity bomb at Ken Morgan’s head on the way out because I wasn’t interested in him or my score. lol


Did you let Jordan turn around before you fired the shot?


No. :neutral_face:

I didn’t know how long my window of opportunity was. What happens if he turns around?



Thanks. I thought it was cool before, but that was much better. I like it when 47 speaks.


I just completed this. Got SA. But 27 mins. Lol. I’ve been doing so much with Bangkok over the last 2 weeks that I had a very (or at least what I thought) great plan. You can see right at the beginning it didn’t work that way. Haha.

I tried to do some things that made it very safe, but it ended up wasting so much time. Anyhoo. Got SA. Maybe I’ll be lucky and have it hold up. :crossed_fingers:
I got a nice contract for my next submission.

Video uploading.


Ended up doing a nice little run of this contract. Nice targets @justnobody. Got lucky with the double lure on the 2nd target.



I’ll let the video do the talking.

Edit: Oh shit, I forgot the USB in all the chaos. Oh well.


"Keep your head down if you don’t want it blown off."


Well that was…interesting. Haha. At least you didn’t quit.


A good thing about 47’s increased durability is that combat-focused contracts are now viable, if anyone wanted to make one. A combat contract set in Colorado could be quite fun, because automatic weapons and shotguns are still pretty deadly.

Edit: Players please remember to vote in the above poll concerning whether you’d like two elusive targets a week instead of one. Thanks.