Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I voted for one each week but I honestly would have liked to vote in the category “I don’t care” :slight_smile:
I think it’s a swedish thing, we like to be able to have an opinion even if the opinion is “pointless” (like voting to not care about what the outcome is) :slight_smile:


Well, people who genuinely don’t mind either way can tell us so here in the comments, as you’ve just done. That extra info. will help us make a decision, in addition to the poll. :slight_smile:

It’s just that, as I said, a poll that allows everyone to sit in the middle doesn’t tell us very much when it comes to making a concrete decision. lol

If people even have a slight preference, the poll as it stands asks them to reveal it.

P.S. I’m bringing this up now because it’s Wednesday, one of my new, prospective deadlines. So depending on the poll results and on what everyone here thinks, we could have a deadline and a new contract later today.


I voted for one a week because with two a week I’d miss one and I like the current pace, but I don’t really mind there being two. It’d just mean I can’t participate in one out of four contracts.


Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah … the upside of having two contracts a week is … um, two contracts a week, naturally. lol

But the downside is that each contract may not get as high a number of players, and we don’t have dozens of players as it is, so that’s something for people to bear in mind.


I got a solution for you. Swap console locations. Now you’re good :wink: 4/4. :+1:


I voted two, but it might not be worth the loss in players. Right now we still haven’t seen @Chillyschrimp and @xstraightedgedavex take a go, so maybe keep it as is.


Ah life, why must you get in the way of my amoral entertainment? Sadly been busy & it’ll probably be tonight I get to play. That said if you guys would like to post a new one I can just enter that one instead & play the current one just for fun later :slight_smile:


I’m going in as we speak, wish me luck :slight_smile:


I followed all of the rules!

Ok, this was just a parade of f*ck ups, got spotted early on and had some real issues with my first target not baiting my coin.He spotted the security guard I (thought I had hidden well) subdued and after that I just didn’t really bother with trying to play sneaky sneaky :slight_smile:

Nothing to be proud of but at least I completed it :slight_smile:


The vote currently stands at 56% in favour of two contracts a week, 44% against. That’s not a large-majority win for those in favour, and – taking into account that @xstraightedgedavex hasn’t played yet – I think we should keep things as they are for now, and revisit the question on Sunday. I’d suggest leaving the poll open until then and then rechecking the result to see if anyone’s had a change of heart. lol


I got an idea. How about the winner gives 2 contracts and they are playable for the week?



I see what you’re going for, and I like it. The problem is: We won’t be able to decide who the winner is.

Say, for example, that I post two contracts. You get the best score in one of them, @D1NGdong, and (random selection here :slightly_smiling_face:) @Chillyschrimp gets the best score in the other. We have two winners for the week! Who makes the next contract(s)? lol


Good idea but how would the Winner be declared? Would they have to get top score on both? :slight_smile:
Edit: What @David47 Said lol


lol. Sorry, I ninja’d you. (Do people still say that? Probably not.)


Ebayed i believe is the term used around here :wink:


If all the other players are happy to have a new contract today it’s fine.
Maybe there’s a way to put “MISSSED” next to my name & the contract so I’ll have to live with the shame forever :slight_smile:


Oh sorry. I already thought if this. And I totally forgot to mention it. Lol

We can combine the scores from both contracts. So this way, even if we mess up 1 or even both contracts, we can still have a chance to be a winner if the score adds up to be the highest.

Edit: and to add, if one person gets SA and a fail from both, and another doesn’t get SA on both but is able to get a big enough score, they can beat the other player that has SA since we are doing total score combined.


It would work, technically speaking.

Pros: We’d get two contracts a week, and we’d be able to play these two contracts at any time that was best for us during the week.

Being able to post two contracts in a row is good for anyone who wants to create a series, or a two-part story, since they can get two contracts out there in one go.

Cons: The winner would have to have to come up with two contracts, and making one can be pretty time-consuming if you want to do a good job of it.

Adding up scores also, arguably, detracts a bit from the purity of the contest: it’s suddenly like playing a football match over two legs. If you totally mess up your first contract, you might not have the heart to even play the second contract because you know you have virtually no chance of winning.

I’m not saying yes or no to the idea. Just laying everything out for people to consider.


I’m honored that I got randomly selected! :smile:


Why would you not want to play the second contract if you lose the first one? Thats the reason behind the points system. Even losing the 1st one still gives you a chance to win if you can get a good score on the 2nd one. It’s kinda the same thing as it is now. If you screw up in your contract (as it is now), you still go for it, cuz you never know what others will do.

But I do agree about the time consuming efforts behind making 2 contracts. The only thing I could suggest is to have 2 contracts holstered at all times until it’s your time to submit.

But :man_shrugging: