Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


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I SUCK!!! :joy:

I started in the school thinking I was in the correct disguise and after the first target kill I realized my mistake. After that I didn’t even try to play it SA :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol yeah…
Even so, it was basically an instant like.


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Yeah!! I did it! - {{I followed all the rules}}

It was a pretty fun contract, having to sneak around and think of a way to get to the targets. (Plus, it finally gave me a reason to use the Tac-AR Desert rifle, and I must admit that it fits the uniform really well.)

First of all, I believe I managed to save myself from using the wrong disguise by reading the briefing. It said that an “elite soldier” was “demoted” and that made me instantly think of the general small soldiers who have no power whatsoever. Therefore, I spawned on the Lamp shop rooftop, and got that guard’s disguise. I went thru the Headmaster’s terrace to pick up my awesome Assault Rifle, and continued on. I had no idea that the normal soldiers weren’t allowed in there, so I was nearly spotted when walking away from the pipe… taking cover behind some boxes swiftly solved that problem. At first, I was going to try and sneak around the place, subduing various people until I got my targets isolated enough, but I changed that quickly. I got a nearby colonel’s disguise (the red cap guys) and proceeded to dismiss all the soldiers around the building, to make my life super easy. And it was. After that, I just used the intercom to lure Zaydan into the bathroom overlooking the gossiping soldiers, shot him, and then the other two colonels. Exited in the APC. :

This was really fun. :smile: Good luck to all!


Great job.

And, yeah, I think any contract that squeezes a bit of use of out 47’s extensive combat arsenal is a good thing. As we all know, that heavy-duty gear usually goes to waste.


Ya, that was my idea all along. They match so perfectly.

Great job. And great idea doing what you did. Too bad no video. :weary::sob:
Would have loved to see that.


Hopefully if no one steals my glory, I have an interesting contract cooking up here, with some interesting disguise restrictions.


I guess I won?
The activity of people for the previous contract was kind of low… so if anyone thinks I shouldn’t post my contract yet, speak up. I can always delete this. For now…

"Agents, your next contract has just come in…"

ID: 2-10-8695113-01


Targets [I have edited the photo to better reflect the special conditions in place]:

READ CAREFULLY – Special conditions:

]] You may only receive the Objective Points bonus (20,000) if you complete the following feats:

  • Regarding the targets that must be killed using Portman’s disguise: Amos Dexter must be killed while you have the bandages ON. Philipa Fujioka must be killed while you have the bandages OFF. The condition DOES matter, as the game recognises this as two different disguises…
  • Regarding the targets that must be killed in a suit: ONE of them must be killed in your STARTING SUIT. ONE of them must be killed using the “VIP PATIENT” SUIT provided to you in your room. The order does not matter, but each target must be killed using one of each suit, for story purposes.
    This means that you must start in a suit location, but not using a VIP patient suit. The suits must be different, to further confuse the authorities…

If these objectives are completed, you are awarded the objective bonus and no one will be able to guess the murder suspect… :busts_in_silhouette:

---- Happy Hunting


Update: The VIP Patient Suit is a bundle of clothing located in the bathroom of your room. The suits must be different, as you cannot change from VIP Suit (Starting suit) to VIP Suit (complimentary suit). They are classified as the exact same disguise.
The white yukata is allowed, if that is your preference.


I fucked up a legshot, led to chaos. The weird thing is, I definitely killed the first two targets as Portman and it didn’t register somehow.


Yeah… the thing is, I noticed a bit too late after I had posted the contract, that the game is smart enough to classify Portman with Bandages and Without Bandages as separate disguises. What I did when creating the contract was I killed Amos with Bandages, and then Philipa later on when I had them removed. I had no idea that the game actually classified this as two separate people, so when I went to replay it myself, I had killed Philipa with Bandages on, but the game classified it as the wrong disguise. Oops. I had meant it to be either/or when it comes to assassinating those two, but the game thinks otherwise.

If what you say is true, and you did kill both those targets as Portman bandaged and not bandaged, (regardless if the game prefers one over the other) I can grant you that 20,000 bonus.


I need to get my shit together, I can’t remember the last time I got SA on a contract here :grinning:

I got hunted while in the Portman disguise after killing Dexter so I was in a rush to get to the doctor that removes the bandages. After that was completed I found out that the woman that is supposed to follow you there was conveniently on her way up the staircase so she was an easy target!
I got the resort staff guy after a looong detour since I thought I would get hunted again in the Portman outfit, even if they are counted as different disguised as you wrote I didn’t want to risk it.

I tried to change into the second suit only to find that I couldn’t. It said that I was already in that disguise so I’m not sure if I misunderstood your briefing or if it was a bug. So I had to kill the last guy in the same suit.

It was a fun and original contract!

I should mention that I had a very confusing moment when I was trying to get back into 47’s room. I was trying to distract the people nearby to make sure I could use the scrambler only to realize I was in my suit I could just walk right in :joy:


lol. That’s definitely something I’d do. In one of our older contracts, I spent ages shooting out and sneaking past security cameras, and I only realized later that I’d disabled the security cameras at the very start of the mission.


Yeah, maybe you misunderstood me. You started in your VIP Patient suit, correct?
Because if you did, the game still classifies both disguises as the same suit. To change from one to the other, it needs to be a different suit. Not the VIP Suit.


Going now. :crossed_fingers:


Got wallhacked, went into combat. Cornered, killed. :unamused:


Yes I started in the green patient ”suit”.


He said not to. You could start in the white yakata, but not the default Hokkaido suit. You misread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I know, how I roll (apperently)

At least I didn’t get killed :wink: