Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well I think you’re up @Chillyschrimp


I’m not at home at the moment but I’ll post something within an hour or so!


Training accidents happen

ID: 2-01-0013956-61

I felt it was a long time ago we had a contract in the training mission.
Please note the kill condition: Falling accident


That sucks. Sorry, bud.


Ooh, I was meaning to ask for someone to post an ICA Facility mission recently (because it’s been a while and we don’t get too many of those), but then here we are!

Thank you for this.


It’s all good, cuz I then restarted and went on a 100+ kill rampage. Killed the 4 targets and exited the mission. I’m on the leaderboard now. :sunglasses:


It seems no one has played my contract yet (at least not posted their results here) so I suggest that we extend the deadline until Wednesday next week.


I actually went, forgot the fall restriction and died trying to kill everyone in frustration lol


I followed all the rules.

I’m incredibly rusty because I haven’t been playing the game at all, so the training level was just what I needed to hone my murderous talents. :slight_smile:

And despite the relative brevity of my recent breaks, I forgot how tense and exciting this game is. There’s nothing else quite like it. With luck, we’ll get a season 2 reasonably soon.

P.S. If I win, I might have to post a contract created by someone else. Not sure I’ll have time to create anything of my own. But @immadummee47 convinced me to post something, which, I’ve agreed, is fair.


Yeah, sorry. I was pretty busy this weekend. I should be fine and be able to post something by Wednesday, however.


sorry for the necro, but if theres 3 of the same npc in a level, maybe one does something unique that the others dont that could be hinted at in the description. Maybe only one can be killed by the contracted method and you need to observe that in the game world using a bit of brainpower.

Can’t is a strong word.


It really doesn’t matter, you can see the target’s location and name on the pause map, which this competition allows.


Got a body spotted while I was dumping. So it lost my SA rating. So as of now, Shnake played and died, I played and David played. That’s the minimum to be played for a contract to expire. So @David47, you’re winning.
If you have a contract, post it. Otherwise it looks like this thread steers to go a bit on a break.


I found time to make something. I’m busy right now, but I’ll post it as close to 6 o’clock as I possibly can.

Edit: OK, here it is.

Special condition: Subdue Penelope Graves and transport her body to any safe location outside the perimeter fence. Use your own judgement when choosing a safe spot to leave her in. All that matters is that she isn’t detected.

However … if you trigger any kind of alarm during the contract, then you have to place Penelope’s unconscious body in a box outside the compound walls, to make absolutely sure she’s safe.

An Interpol team is being mustered to complete the extraction process, and fly her to a safe country, after dark. Your job is to make sure she isn’t killed and get her out of the base before said backup arrives.

And it probably goes without saying that if Penelope dies, you fail automatically.

This contract expires on Sunday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).


David be like:


lol. That’s true. But part me loves the assassin life like part of Michael Corleone loves crime, so I’m partially responsible for not severing all ties when I had the chance. :smile:

BTW, I want to explain a condition a bit more clearly: I said that you have to place Penelope’s unconscious body in a box outside the perimeter fence if you trigger any kind of alarm. That means if the guards go into a combat state at any point.

If guards don’t go into a full combat state, however, and you get Penelope out of the compound relatively covertly, you can leave her body anywhere that you feel is safe before exiting.


I’m busy with school and things.
Sorry if my schedule here is all over the place.


No problem.

Until we start wiring real money to real bank accounts for completing contracts, school has to come first. lol


Im going now. I got a “plan”. I doubt it will work. Lmao.



SA. My plan didn’t work for each guard. But my idea to extract graves did work. Took a lot longer to do, though.

Video uploading. But it’s boring. I’ll edit it in here when it’s ready. I’ll mark the kills and the extraction for quick viewing.

Edit: here’s the vid. All time stamps should be followed by IN-GAME timer, not YouTube video time.

•1st kill comes within the 1st 3mins of start.
•2nd kill comes after 6:30
•extraction idea begins 14:00
•extraction attempt begins 25:25

and 0:32 speedrun