Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Great job. Even though there are a few viable extraction routes, all of them are well-guarded, as far as I’m aware. Playing patiently and professionally was smart. I wasn’t expecting any SAs, to be honest.

Interpol will certainly use the ICA’s services again. lol


I have been playing a lot of Colorado lately SA/SO and it has become my favourite SO map by just a hair ahead of marrakesh now so doing a non-SO run would give me pretty much immunity lol. So I had some ideas. My original planned failed and I almost got spotted a couple of times.

I also almost screwed it all up when I was extracting graves. There was a guard just outside the gate that I forgot about and luckily he was walking away from me as I exited the gate to get her to the perimeter and drop her. You’ll have to see it when the vid uploads. And then I was able to exit before having her spotted.


Vid uploaded with time marks. Follow in game timer.


I might not be able to play this before 6 pm sunday. I’m just letting you all know in advance.


No problem. If @immadummee47 is the only person to play, he can win by default for me (he did get a great score, too, so it would be an earned victory).

Or we can do that thing where we extend the contract until two people have played. Either is fine with me.


Well I died. Nothing much happened, and I didn’t kill the targets yet. Oops.



I played it but I got killed.

It started out fine until I accidently punched Penelope in the face instead of showing her the interpool badge…


lol. “… instead of showing her the Interpol badge.”

Yeah, it would have been nice if 47 had been able to eliminate the guards and then simply whisper to Penelope that he was there to rescue her so that she’d just follow him out.

I blame IO for not including a conversation system. Make it happen in Season 2, guys! :smile:

Although I did find a way to rationalize 47 having to subdue Penelope. The ICA are an illegal shadow organization, who could easily run afoul of the official authorities in the future, and if there’s one person an international assassin like 47 doesn’t want seeing his face, it’s an Interpol analyst with a genius-level intellect.

I imagine that Diana only accepted the contract on the condition that 47 could do things his way. (Which was supposed to be a gentle sleeper-hold, not a right-cross to the face. lol)


@immadummee47 Go on and post m8!


Gimme 1/2 hr.


Alright, agents. Here’s your next contract.

Folding Fleet
Objectives & Restrictions are in the mission briefing.

Good Hunting.


Does it matter which folding knife you steal? Huehuehue


There’s 2? :flushed:




Show us


1 in the tower thats to the left of the mansion from main spawn pov, with the 2 guards on top.
1 on the table with 5 cicada guards.
1 in a store in town



But no, any folding knife will do, of course. But wherever you take it from, that’s where it must be returned. lol.


What if you do a carousel? Put the knife from spot a in spot b, b in c, c in a.


Stop giving him ideas


Contract is already done. But that’s a funny idea.
And kill each target with each folding knife. Lol