Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Looks fun, can’t quite remember where the folding knife is so will have to explore a little bit. Bit annoyed that I don’t have the time at the moment to play much hitman, but am saving all the contracts that get posted here to play at a later date.


Hope that helps. And for anyone else too. :+1:


Here’s Rattleshnake’s official entry. He won’t be able to return to the forum until November the 3rd, so I’m posting this for him. I’m sure he followed all the rules, as usual.

If he wins, I’ll post his created contract for the next round, too.


Gosh never mind. I was confused with the picture.

But… @David47 you’re posting for him? I’ve never asked how this comes about sometimes, but… how?


Rattleshnake can’t access the website right now because he has a short (and, I’m sure, entirely … mostly … unwarranted ban :smile:) so he’s using PS4 messenger to send me any screenshots he wants me to post, and I’m uploading them via flashdrive, in the same way I upload my own screenshots.

It’s very simple. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to do it, because I have close to zero computer skills. lol


Right, of course. Duh! I forgot that you can do that.


I followed the rules!

Just a bit over 30 seconds slower than rattleshnake :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never used the folding knife so even with the clues I had to spend quite some time searching for it…

I have a video as well but my PS4 wont let me share it to youtube for some reason. I might try and upload it later.

Fun contract @immadummee47 !


Done, screwed up the last kill… Will upload soon, together with a speedrun. Will edit the post when it’s ready.


Nice thinking how to take that folding knife.
I remember back in the early hitman months, 47 would drop the FE to pick up any other item.


I followed all the rules.

My map-reading skills vanished during this contract; I just couldn’t figure out where the targets were. lol


Congrats to the winner, Rattleshnake. And here, as promised, is his created contract: our next assignment.

(I’m a big cyberpunk fan myself, so I approve of the Blade Runner theme!)

Special Conditions:

  1. You can not hurt anyone except for the targets. That means no killing and no subduing whatsoever!

  2. You must start at the RED CARPET or the PALACE GARDEN.

P.S. Rattleshnake also informed me that he’d like this contest to take off again, so I’m tagging in a few people he brought to my attention. :slight_smile:

@hitwoman47, @xstraightedgedavex, and @MrBurn4488

Oh, and this contract ends at the usual time, 6 p.m. GMT (1 EST), on Sunday.


I will try to play this time :grinning:
Just keep in mind the reason I stopped is because of the no restart And the no instinct rule


Seems cool, I’ll play and record later :wink:


Forgot about the no KO rule. Totally failed, shame on me


You didn’t return the folding knife. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did. I, um … mailed it back to Caruso manor once I got home. Express delivery.

Obviously. Gawd. lol

Yeah, it totally slipped my mind. I didn’t win, anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Fun contract.


I failed! Wow that was hard (for me), I just couldn’t get one of the targets without getting spotted. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Got gunned down, miserable fail


Here’s a strat I came up with
Just a reminder I failed


Got spotted with one of the targets. When he was going to escort me out, I just garotted him. Lol.

Edit: here’s my run. For some reason it didn’t record the first 4 mins of the run. But here’s what happened:

i started at the red carpet, ran to the basement stairs smuggle point, grabbed my BCs, and then ran to the bathroom close by. Grabbed the invitation and ran to the guards to show the invite to. Showed and ran past them. Ran to the next set of guards and showed my invite again.
Ran upstairs and waited by the side door as a walking guard was there. I was needing to enter the stage top floor. Ran in, shot camera, ran into side door. Waited till guards walked around and dropped my Napoleon. Lured target in, and almost got spotted. Went around table and garrotted him. Tossed in closet. Waited a few seconds for the other walking guard to walk past but as I walked out, he was still there. Apparently, he got frozen and I couldn’t leave. So this is where the video starts.