Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I just checked this out, you can still do a motorcycle leak with the silverballer; that was on PS4. However, I rarely use this tactic as an explosive device will cause a motorcycle to blow up regardless; they are similar to PT’s and FE’s.


Oh, it stopped after the December update on Xbox (or at least in Marrakesh)


Well let me put it this way, Hitman is the only game that I play lol I literally play no other game :smile:



I’m just playing the contract again and causing the leak and subsequent accident kill worked for me when using the silverballer, as well. It must work with other weapons, too, right? It wouldn’t be logical if it didn’t.

There’s no reason a silverballer, with its godly accuracy, should be able to cause a leak and another type of gun shouldn’t. They all fire pointy bits of metal. lol

P.S. Please remember to blur our specific contract spoilers. (Even though we should really be pooling our knowledge as much as possible if anyone’s going to beat AGENT4T7’s score. :smile:)


I can hear the gun nuts screaming already.


Well… you don’t even have to cause a leak actually. If you place the pale duck at a good distance from the scooter, Falcone will blow up from the scooter itself, rather than from the duck. Causing an exploding accident kill. that’s what I did, took like 5 seconds lol cheap tactic, yes. But it works :blush:


That’s what I did, too, in my official run! Woo. Check out the video above.

I didn’t know it would work. It was the first time I’d ever tried it, but my score was already ruined, so I thought, “What the hell?”

It took me like 5000 seconds. New personal record. I’m the Eddie the Eagle of Hitman. English, too. lol

All I need now is Hugh Jackman (aka any other player here) to coach me to greatness.,0,630,1200_AL.jpg



Oh, just rewatched your video. Lol I didn’t catch that the first time… Don’t know how not, but… :confused::joy:
Still, it was a nice run IMO. You played by the rules and had a great “elusive” experience!

Well… I guess I could be your Hugh Jackman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, it’s the taking part that counts. My mum says so, so it must be true.

Screw you, Evil Olympic Committee. lol


Really fun contract @CKHall22 !

I followed all the rules!

Like @AGENT4T7 I’m also very familiar with Sapienza but the mansion security guy and the guy in the cap was unknown for me. I also thought it was one of the fishermen after searching for a while :stuck_out_tongue:
I got lucky with the security guy however, I just ran into the mansion and tried to locate him with the reduced instinct.
Turned out well since I found him almost instantly.
Ampburner and Falcone are known targets so I had a pretty straight forward plan for those.
But the guy in the yellow cap made me run around searching for him.
When I finally found him I got a bit stressed and ended up with a non-target kill :cry:
It wouldn’t have mattered though since I was a lot slower than AGENT4T7, great job!

Here is a video if anyone is interested:


Excellent video, man. Nicely done, too bad about the non-target kill, that’s unfortunate… But still a very great run, I enjoyed watching :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, that DeRose guy man lol I thought he was the fisherman. But luckily he was my last target and on my way to the beach area, I was lucky enough to have passed by where I was close to the acutual target to see that it was actually him. Needless to say, that did surprise me, I’ll admit lol but once I spotted him I had to wait a little as he was sitting on the bench by the time I arrived… He soon got up and walked over to a ledge though, where I pushed him over it when nobody was looking and headed for the boat to escape.


Thanks, yeah I actually went back to the regular mission in Sapienza to check who the hell that guy was :slight_smile:

It seems there are two fishermen with the exact same outfit as him!


Hey guys, so my first attempt while completed, was a bust. I’m lucky I survived got into combat a couple of times. After some restarts, I put together a decent run. Both videos below:

Official, followed the rules submission:

SA Run:


@AGENT4T7 You should set up a Youtube channel so that you can post videos of your runs now and again. I’m totally fine with you posting only your results pages, but how the f**k am I ever going to steal your moves if you never show them to me it would be nice to see such a skilled player in action. :innocent:


I laughed so hard at this.


Haha nice!
Somehow I feel we have the same play style on first attempts. A bit risky (maybe reckless even), always aiming for speed (mostly because of impatience) and thus ending up i situations that require more of the above.
This assumption is only based on a few videos I’ve seen, and you’re obviously a skilled player, so I hope I didn’t offend you. :blush:


I agree! Enough with the secrecy @AGENT4T7 :grin:


LOL no offense taken! I am EXACTLY that way. I can’t help but go for speed which is a bit risky and reckless at times. I don’t mind restarting anymore because I usually learn with each fail. But yeah, no you nailed it, that’s how I play for sure!


I might not be the world’s greatest player, but I’m pretty good at English, so if anyone here wants me to check the punctuation and grammar for their mission briefing before they post it, they can private-message me their text, I’ll proofread it, and then send it right back.

This offer only extends to the good people who take part in the PS4 and Xbox elusive competitions. For everyone else: there’s the internet. :smile:


Sorry guys, 47 don’t reveal his secrets :stuck_out_tongue:
Lmao And I don’t have a YT account and no offense, I don’t want one… Too much work to do all that, not my cup of joe… I do, however, go into great detail how I do the contracts, so if you read carefully, you can pull off the hits just as great lol I mean, I with you there as well… I may be a very good Hitman player, but in no way, shape or form would I call myself THE Best! Honestly though, I just like playing for me ya know? I’m not really into posting videos or making a YT account and stuff, just not my thing. I do like watching others though sometimes. A story and a screenshot is all I can provide :hugs: