Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Same for me, except in not even a very good hitman player.


So, bit of a close shave here but here is my score:

ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL. :frowning: -->What really got me was deciding that I can easily get an accident kill for Falcone without being suspicious holding a gun (like, shooting a gas can.) So, I took my explosive golf ball, threw it at the scooter, and he died. Though I guess I should have thrown it beside the scooter, because my golf ball killed him before the scooter did. After that, it was ok. I lured Ampburner into a building, got the other guard, and then I followed Stefano around. I decided to push him in the water, waited, and did it. BUT, I think I was seen in the last second of the pushing animation because when I started the push, I was fine, when he fell in the water, I was fine, when 47 took a step back… Noticed Kill. Body Found. Hunted. I ran for the boat, hoping for a good score, and that happened. Oops, I guess.


Well you’re new to Hitman (don’t worry we all sucked when we first played the games) haha you’ll get there buddy :sunglasses::+1:


Major kudos for posting your not-so-perfect score, TheChicken.

I see showing others your result, even when you didn’t do your best, as a sign of maturity. :slight_smile:

(And by that standard I’m a very, very mature person. lol)

P.S. I thought seriously about pushing the gaudily dressed DeRose brother over the railing and into the water, but there just didn’t seem to be a right time. That kill opportunity is such a tease.


No problem, AGENT4T7. There’s no pressure to post videos here.

We’ll just marvel at your brilliance from afar, or wonder in hushed whispers how you achieve the stunning completion times you do. And, maybe, now and again, hope that you screw up royally, blowing yourself to smithereens with an errant duck-bomb, allowing someone else to win. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, the deadline has passed. Thank you to @CKHall22 for that excellent contract. I particularly enjoyed the extended briefing. It gave more meaning to each kill.

The winner is … wait for it … oh, you know who it is.

Well done, @AGENT4T7 , you master assassin, you! We eagerly await our next challenge. :slight_smile:


Late again. The punctuality of the announcements in this thread is appalling :wink:


:smile: We’re just cool. We’re never late or early. We post exactly when we mean to.


Yeah, I like that you always play to win. You don’t hold back just because someone else got a good score.


Player-made elusive targets have always lasted 48 hours. I made it 48 hours so that these elusives arrive far more frequently than official elusives – and everyone seems content with the current arrangement.

But I’m curious. Do you think 2 days is long enough? Do you like the fast turn-over? Or would you prefer contracts to last for 3 days, or 4, so that there’s more downtime in between, and people have more time to play each one?

The result of this poll won’t necessarily make me change the rule, but I’ll take the feedback into consideration.

Please select the option you agree with.

  • Elusive targets should last for 2 days.
  • Elusive targets should last for 3 days.
  • Elusive targets should last for 4 days.

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Actually I type pretty damn fast :stuck_out_tongue:
Lol yeah I understand it may not take long, I just don’t wanna be bothered with it as all. If other people like to, that’s great, I always enjoy watching when I can. I tried it once and for some reason it only recorded half my run, I couldn’t figure it out and I just didn’t care to after that, it’s a PITA, (IMO) But honestly I just don’t like to, I play for me :slightly_smiling_face:

But next contract real quick…

Will be in Colorado, how’s everyone with the unlocks? Anybody object to Colorado…?


Definitely keep it as it is. The point of these contracts is they come and go fast to keep us going between real ETs.


That’s exactly why I made it 48 hours, but I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts now the contest has been active for a while.

P.S. The reason votes are “public” is because the opinions of those who play regularly matter to me the most.


So… Colorado good for everyone? Does everyone have all equipment unlocked? And if not what don’t you have yet??


@David47 has never played it, so that should be interesting.


I don’t have anything unlocked in Colorado, but don’t let that stop you posting the contract you want to, AGENT4T7. I’ll survive if I miss one or two.


Are you sure man? I don’t want nobody to feel left out…

Do you have the emetic syringe? I forgot when that became unlocked


Er … no, I haven’t unlocked that. But I’m totally sure. Post any contract you like.

You’re the winner. It’s your prerogative. :relaxed:


Ok then, I’ll just save that contract for another time then, because it may not be necessary, but without the syringe it would be next to impossible…

Just give me a few minutes, I’ll grab something :wink:


I often make perfectly possible contracts look next-to-impossible, so it wouldn’t make a difference. lol