Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I highly recommend playing Colorado and Hokkaido. You can get a lot more enjoyment out of the game if you know it, then you can just play these contracts every now and again, but you can take your time with the missions.


Here we go!!

(Sorry another Bangkok, but that’s all I had saved on my phone right now, besides Colorado)

Contract will end on Jan 9 at 6pm (1pm EST)

This contract is pretty straightforward, so no hints this time :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the briefing, but it makes me curious why there’s a bounty on Abel De Silva’s head.

Is he just so annoying that random, wealthy people want him dead?

Because I think that’d be a good explanation. :smiley:


Well actually I wanted to add more in the briefing, but only 500 limit :confused:

I was gonna add that, the person who put the bounty on him was the Class’ original drummer, Quentin lol


Ok, the ONLY hint I’ll give is you might want to actually check-in to the hotel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I followed all the rules.

It went well at first, but I forgot about a security camera, so it turned into another very long run.

I’m pleased, though. I learned that you could take out a CCTV recorder with a breaching charge, and 47 looks swanky in his summer suit in Thailand. :relieved:

P.S. As always, please don’t watch this video yet if you intend to compete. Thank you.

Oh, and @AGENT4T7, I killed the targets in the order that Diana stipulated, too. I took out the undercover hitmen first and then went for the true target. Bonus roleplay points for me.


Haha yes, very well done, indeed! There shall be a bonus in your pay… or rather, ‘experience points’ :smile:

Great job, Agent!

EDIT: That looked so badass, walking away from the recordings as you detonated it :sunglasses::+1:


Cool, I’m gonna give it a go later tonight!


G’Day everyone! Just thought I would post my runs for G’NR and Hanging by a Thread. I did a couple of run-throughs on G’NR to see what the best run was. I even sniper-rifled Stefano from the roof behind the ICA/Rocco’s apartment. If you time it right he goes over the rail and into the water. Easy kill and the body will be hidden. However, the run posted was the fastest I could do it and it flowed really nice as well. I hope you enjoy…

Next, we have my run-throughs for Hanging by a Thread

My first run was going great until I got noticed taking out Jariya Chansiri. On the way out I punched the staffer who noticed my kill as a bit of sweet redemption for having a stickybeak. My score was a bust at that point anyway, so why not?

I re-did the run a second time and this was the run I was supposed to have…

However, as per the rules, I failed to complete the run SA. Great contract @AGENT4T7 It will be fun to square off with you in the next contract :wink: Plus, this will give me a bit more time to get a suitable contract (and backstory) ready for the next time I am successful - that is, if there will be a next time?! You guys are pretty damn good at this!


Great run. I have to mention that there is a recording device not far from the guard where you got your disguise. It’s in the shack behind the bug van. Could have saved you some time, but a great run nonetheless @David47; it looks like you’re the leader unless neo_rah is in this game?? 2:57 seconds is impressive. I might be able to shave some time off of my 3:57 run, but I am not sure I can get it in that time!


Sadly, that recorder was patched out in the November update.


Well, I’ll be damned. I didn’t know they took that out of the game. I haven’t needed to use it since the mission was first released, so I didn’t even know. Scratch that advice @David47. Thanks for the update @Silverballer


Another quality contract! @AGENT4T7

I sort of failed my first attempt (got caught by a security camera) and someone saw me changing outfit when I was going to erase the surveillance tapes.

I hade to try again to at least get a SA run, I can’t find a good flow between the targets. I always have to wait for them to move around. I couldn’t find a good way of distracting them since there are other people around where they roam.

Here is my official run:

And here is my best attempt so far:

I’m gonna try again tomorrow!

Edit: posted the wrong video :stuck_out_tongue:


Very good runs here guys, keep it up. Who currently is the leader for this contract? Also, quick spoiler here… if you check into the hotel and use the phone to call house staff, the target (the house staff guy) will be the one to come in the room. That’s originally how I intended for him, but judging by the videos you guys have posted, I suppose it’s faster just starting in the suite to get him in the hall lol


I think I’m winning … and not on a technicality this time. Yay. :smiley:

Although, with my 20-minute completion time, anyone else who manages to get an SA rank is bound to overtake me. And there’s still plenty of time left before these targets “escape”.


You guys are better at map-reading than I am. I usually spend the first couple of minutes gawping at it like it’s a complex science equation created by Stephen Hawking. And then I still have to double and triple check it. lol


Don’t worry, so does @AGENT4T7 , only difference is that he still doesn’t get it :laughing:


You’re starting to piss me off! You know that!?

Please… I don’t even need the maps :relieved:


Lies :smiley: You stuttering prick you