Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Seems like I got lucky taking out the security guard (I mean the undercover hitman disguised as a security guard). I garrotted him in virtually the same place as CKHall22 and Chillyschrimp, but I wasn’t spotted and they were.

BTW, does “crime noticed” ruin your score in the same way that being found suspicious or trespassing does? I’d assume so, but I’m not entirely sure.


Not necessarily: e.g. a leg shot would be crime noticed, but wouldn’t ruin your score. Having a kill noticed ruins your score.


Hey guys, so first attempt was a FAST fail lol. :crying_cat_face: Right after first guy got shot down. Ah well. Restarted a few times and did another run SA with everything on (instinct etc). I have an idea on how neo-rah-who I hope joins the forum, he’s a nice guy-got the 2:57 he did. I’m working on it atm. Anyway, another fun time with this, thanks for posting!

Official submission, FAIL:

Fastest run for me so far, with instinct/options on:


Well, tried it. Did it. Failed a bunch along the way. The one security guard I had to kill really messed my score up. Not sure who, but someone saw me killing him (may have been the groundskeeper) but I changed disguise, ran away, and deleted the tapes. Got out safely…


I can’t believe I’m still winning with a 20-minute-long run.

I’m finally proving my long-held claim that tortoise-like patience is as important as speed in this contest. lol

P.S. I just wanna say, too, that I’ve been incredibly impressed with the honesty of all of the players here since I started this thread. I expected one or two instances of cheating from less-honourable sorts, but, as far as I can tell, there’s been nothing.

You’ve all earned a perfect SA rank for sportsmanship, IMO. :slight_smile:


So … special conditions imposed by the contract-creator … e.g. “You must begin the level at a particular entrance,” or, “You must not subdue any NPCs,” etc.

This was a suggestion I received early on in the thread, and which I said I’d revisit once people were used to the rules of the competition. So this is me – revisiting it. :innocent:

What’s your opinion on it? Would you like contract creators to have this god-like power, or not?

Please select the statement you agree with.

  • Contract creators should NOT be able to set special conditions.
  • Contract creators SHOULD be able to set special conditions.

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I think we should allow people to set conditions, but limited ones (so maybe 1 or 2 conditions per EC)


I like that suggestion, Silverballer. So things don’t get too crazy.


Conditions I think should be able to be added:

Certain people can become VIPs (but they must be people who can be easily identified)
Contract must be done Suit Only
You must start in a certain location
Targets must be killed in a certain order
You may not subdue or kill anyone (only on easier contracts)
Certain items are not allowed to be taken into the map
You must start with no loadout
You must exit a certain way
You must delete the security tapes
You may not delete the security tapes
You may not destroy security cameras
No distractions (again, only for easier contract)


Agreed 1-2 sounds good for conditions, and the conditions should be achievable, not make the contract impossible to complete SA. I have no problem with that, could add to the fun!

and @David47 your “slower” runs are great for this contest. I have been going far too fast for this. Next time, I’m definitely going to slow it up some


Speaking of no subduing, the Hitman Roulette thing sometimes has you to never change your disguise or kill/subdue NPCs when you are supposed to change disguise to kill a target.

I just got one. Start in the restaurant, kill Yuki Yamazaki in your SUIT, kill Erich Soders as a morgue doctor.


Some great suggestions there. Definitely food for thought.

If people support this idea, then I think the special conditions should be pretty-much anything that isn’t overly confusing and which doesn’t make the contract impossible.

And I’ll say right now that I think two special conditions per contract should be the limit. I agree with you.


I did want to set special conditions on my contract but then I realised it was better without, so I voted no in this poll. Just thought i’d state why in case anyone was wondering.


Thanks for the input, JDMHatch_G. Nice to see you here again…

P.S. I’m personally not going to vote either way until the end because I don’t want to sway opinion.


Thanks, I have been meaning to play some of these but just don’t seem to be able to find the time atm :frowning2:


One reason I’ve been reluctant to include special conditions is because they could harm the “simulation” element of this contest – which was the primary reason for its creation.

If 47 isn’t allowed to do things – just because – then you start to feel as though you’re playing a game, with silly rules, instead of carrying out a professional hit.

So if this rule is introduced, I’d encourage people to think of logical, roleplay reasons for as many special conditions as they can, e.g. The assignment is extremely sensitive and 47 isn’t allowed to leave a trail of bodies, unconscious or otherwise.


I’ll announce this in the Xbox thread. I can’t wait to add VIPs.

Edit: I’ll wait till tomorrow, see what happens in the poll.


Silverballer, if you want to include special-conditions in the Xbox One contest right now, go ahead. :slight_smile:

But I’m going to wait until a few more votes and opinions have come in before deciding.


If anything, (I think) the contract creator should be able to set (1 “Must Do” condition) if they choose to. It shouldn’t be an option for the creator every single time, only set it, if it makes sence with the mission (briefing story)

other than that, I also think the creator should be able to post (highly recommended ‘suggestions.’ Not that the player would HAVE to do what the creator said, just that the creator would strongly recommend it. But if the creator decides to post a special condition (for story purposes, which again, wouldn’t be all the time) then I think the player would have to do it.

An example would be something like. "The client wants to send a message, by leaving a calling card, so make sure you place 1 “Merces Letifer” coin on the restaurant table."
Something like that would fit for a “story based contract” and doing something as little as that, wouldn’t really interfere, or really constrict the player. But that’s just my take on it man, to be honest I’m up for that, or just leaving it how it is now. Both are okay with me, but this is your thread. You decide what you see fit :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m having the final say on big decisions because I’m the creator and because, unless one person sets firm boundaries, we get absolute chaos. :sweat_smile:

But this is everyone’s thread!

I’ll watch the vote carefully, and, later, if this new rule “passes”, and if I win the current contract, I’ll add a simple special condition to my contract so everyone gets an idea of how it might work.