Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


To jump in this conversation, I like the idea of the creator being able to make “special conditions”. I feel like I somewhat did that with G’NR as Falcone needed to be blown up as part of the client’s wishes. I mean, it was just a kill condition, but it was still part of the story, so I am down to make conditions, especially starting point, the order of kill etc. That makes it more of a level playing field as everyone starts at the same point and manages the course the best from there. For the current contract, if someone were to start on the dock, they would be disadvantaged compared to someone who started in 47’s room, so I am down to make creator conditions.


Lol no problem man, that sounds good.
And for people like me that don’t post videos, I/we can always screenshot the special condition, during our/my playthrough to prove we did it. Not saying we wouldn’t be honest or anything lol just so there is no mishaps.


Quick update on the Hanging by a Thread contract. So I had a bit of a run at the 2:57 time set by neo_rah and 3:08 was the best I could do.

Kudos to you neo_rah; that 2:57 time is impressive…most impressive!


The contest requires a great deal of trust to function anyway; so videos and screenshots still aren’t necessary, even with special conditions. If you say you did something, we’ll all believe you, just like we all believe everyone else stuck to every other rule. lol

But I certainly won’t say no to screen-shots if you’d like to use them. I’ve noticed that @scm97tl does a really nice job of narrating his runs using only screenshots.


So glad you posted this! I saw your time and wanted to see a video of how you did it. Best I got on my own was 3:17, might be able to get that strat down to 3:13 or so but I really want to know how Neo did it. Hmmm…at first I thought hanging on the edge of the balcony you can play peekaboo with the officer downstairs and he’ll come up to you…but if you’ve got Abel’s body there I’m not sure it would work so still wondering…

Anyway, great job, very nice run!


Yeah…I did get a run where Jariya Chansiri almost spotted me hanging down, so he came over toward me but went into the room where I took him out. However, I stuffed the run after taking out Songwut. I tried to leave his body in the hallway, but he was found, so I rage quit as it was probably on par to beat the 2:57 mark. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the conditions to repeat, so the 3:08 was the best I could do. I’d love to see their run, as you said.

BTW, impressive run through G’NR. I think I was able to beat your score by 2 seconds? Did you see my video of that run (see above)? Was your’s similar to that? Just curious as that time was not easy to top…


Aha! Too bad that run didn’t work out, sounds like that may be a way to do it tho.

Thanks on GnR I saw you rekt me on that. :smirk_cat: We did things mostly differently, I really enjoyed your run of it, learned some things that are helpful for next time. Thanks for sharing the videos it is always nice to see how others on the lb do what they do.


What was your approach on G’NR, if you don’t mind my asking? I tried several different variations, but the one I posted here was, by far, the fastest of my other runs by a good half minute.


Here’s the video:


Just a reminder to people to scroll up and vote in the “special conditions” poll.

I’ll decide whether to allow said conditions or not based on those results before 6 p.m. GMT today.


Damm, you beat me with 3 seconds :grin:


Nice run… so completely different to mine, but very efficient. I never thought of starting in the guard’s area. Nicely played!


What are the targets and restrictions? Will recreate it


Here’s a screenshot, does that help? Its a fun little contract, lots of different ways to play it, would be cool to see what PC players do.
The targets:

1. Guy by harbor
2. Guard in mansion
3. Guy by cafe on lower level near restroom
4. Sal of course

edited: removed wrong info


Thanks! Wait you said no restrictions but i see explosion for the detective?

Also what is the time to beat? X


oh shit yes there is a restriction, i’m slow today

time to beat is 3:23 currently


Not to butt into your conversation with agent47atyourservice, but I have attached the briefings to the contract as well…

And not to be nitpicky, but the time to beat is 2:23.

Obviously, the title of the contract is, “Guns 'N Roses”


Hey, where do you see 2:23? I just checked the leaderboards again and it shows 3:10 with chilly_schrimp in the lead…


Whoa… I apologize for the typo. @agent47atyourservice is right. Good spot and way to go @Chillyschrimp for getting a 3:10 run. Nice job!


Thanks, but it was basically a copy of @agent47atyourservice method with a few minor shortcuts :slight_smile:
I think I might have another (hopefully faster) method but it requires some luck and knowing that @Fortheseven is going for it I don’t really see the point of maybe shaving 5 seconds :laughing: