Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Do you want me to make it for Xbox One? Since it sounds like a good contract, I’ll see if our speedrunners can get some good times.


Yeah, if you don’t mind creating it; I have no problem with it being shared across consoles. :+1:


I won’t recreate the briefing though, it takes ages on Xbox.


I appreciate the effort, but it’s wasted on me mate. I don’t care at all about briefings


@CKHall22 @agent47atyourservice Where is Sergio DeRose?


Hey mate, providing the briefings is just a simple courtesy considering it was my contract, so sorry if you see it as a waste…


He’s in the upstairs hallway of the mansion. He patrols back in fourth facing the mansion main entry.


Sorry, i think you’re misunderstanding me. The fact that you made a cool briefing isn’t a waste. I’m just saying that i’m not one to care for stuff like that :slight_smile: Wasn’t meant in a wrong way


Thanks. And I just read the full briefing, I loved it. Seems in this alternate reality @ampburner is a militia member.


Just go for it bro, don’t ever be discouraged because someone sets a faster time


No mate, I got what you were saying, I was just pointing out that I provided it as a courtesy and not because I was hoping you would be all jazz-hands about it or wanting to re-create it. No harm was done. Briefings are irrelevant if you want the truth of it. The hunt is what’s important. It will be interesting to see what times others get; I just hope it’s a good run-through. Cheers!


Oke cool! I hope so too, i will recreate and play it in a few minutes on twitch in case anyone is interested


Yeah, I thought if the DeRose brothers were meeting with a militia ran by Sean Rose to run guns for them, then the “Guns 'N Roses” title would make more sense. Plus the Giovanni Falcone story was a real backdrop that I couldn’t pass up on, so that’s why Sal was thrown in the mix. Glad you like. Hopefully, the gameplay is equally as good, if not better. Looking forward to see how you go and the times that others post. Cheers!


Recreated as of now for Xbox: ID is 3-03-2877496-41. I suggest putting this one the hitmanforum contracts thread for those who don’t read this thread, and perhaps even submitting it as a featured contract (it’s good enough)


Sweet… thanks for the compliment. How do you submit for featured?


It’s on the Square Enix Forums, there’s a featured contracts submission thread. You’d have to make an account, but it takes about 5 mins. You don’t have to obviously, and sometimes contracts get picked from here, but I like the contract and think it deserves to be featured.


Thanks mate. I appreciate that and thanks for the tip. Happy hunting; let me know how you go with your run. Cheers!


Working on my run now: sadly don’t expect a video, as my Xbox for some reason doesn’t like recording things.


“Hanging by a Thread” has now expired. Thanks for the cool contract, @AGENT4T7.

The winner, by virtue of his unmatched professionalism and patience, is me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So here’s your next assignment:

And here are the very simple Special Conditions as an introduction to the new feature:

Your starting location must be:

And you must select an un-silenced shotgun. Making a public statement is part of your mission.

P.S. As far as I’m aware, you can’t achieve an SA rank in this contract, so you might want to prioritize speed over caution. However, if you don’t think your approach through carefully, you may not make it out alive.

Good luck, agents. :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

This contract expires in 48 hours, on Wednesday, January 11, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).


Hanging by a Thread was a great contract @AGENT4T7. This one looks very interesting as well @David47. I played Paris so much when it first came out that I tend to not play it as much now. This will be interesting. Good luck to all who are in the hunt on this one!